Records for 3 ring cascade ss:3

Difficulty: 3/10 - from 1 rating

Number of jugglers: 9
Number of records: 14
Added on 2012-08-23 by Tom Whitfield.

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Some rankings have been estimated using a user average catches per second of: 2.49.

3 ring cascade
1Robert LeBoeuf2h 8m 27s2019-09-2710
2Ameron Rosvall1h 1m (9000c)2007-09-091
Looking through my old notes.
3Alex Lubker57m 30s (8678c)2007-08-241-1
4Jack the Juggler14m 50s2019-10-316-0
5Owen dobbyn7m 20s2020-05-121-0
7jigjug4m 53s (738c)2014-09-011
Duncan rings

8calebstockwell4m 30s2014-07-091-0
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