Joshua Weiner

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Joshua Weiner has been juggling for 40 years and 5 months.

Combined flashed: 23
Combined qualified: 20

Reputation: 100%
Country: United States of America
Joined: 2016-07-17

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Joshua Weiner's Solo Patterns
3 ball 1 hand async fountain29/6782c2022-04-192
3 ball 42325/68360c2020-07-161
3 ball 5049/1260c2020-07-161
3 ball 53127/61240c2020-07-161
3 ball 551112/1760c2020-07-151
3 ball 1234519/24250c2020-07-161
3 ball cascade88/1486m2018-07-061
3 ball cascade in overheads27/39102c2022-05-061
3 ball cascade with penguin catches20/2842c2020-07-292
3 ball mills mess45/108252c2022-05-035
3 club 1 hand async fountain in triples 3/2150c2020-05-181
3 club 42310/27240c2020-07-251
3 club 423 with a club balanced on the head1/118c2022-02-261
3 club 44124/36108c2020-10-123
3 club 50505 in doubles5/740c2020-07-271
3 club 55500 in doubles8/1170c2020-07-271
3 club backcrosses in doubles16/36100c2022-06-196
3 club backcrosses in singles25/3342c2023-05-142
3 club backcrosses in singles with a club balanced on the head6/79c2020-07-312
3 club backcrosses in triples7/1026c2020-08-012
3 club cascade in flats45/586c2020-10-201
3 club cascade in lazies13/141c2020-10-181
3 club cascade in overheads16/1721c2022-05-133
3 club cascade in singles37/1098m 4s (1200c)2022-05-204
3 club cascade in singles isolated6/134m (600c)2020-07-152
3 club cascade with a club balanced on the head20/39134c2020-07-243
3 club mills mess in singles24/3242c2020-07-122
3 club shower13/29120c2020-07-272
3 ring 1 hand async fountain4/221m 7s (123c)2023-02-059
3 ring 4237/201m 18s (240c)2020-07-261
3 ring 44120/2272c2020-07-261
3 ring 53112/1430c2020-07-261
3 ring cascade21/745m 32s (720c)2020-10-261
3 ring cascade in pancakes27/3430c2020-07-251
3 ring cascade with a club balanced on the head6/1072c2020-10-261
3 ring cascade with a ring balanced on the head5/11103c2020-10-261
4 ball 1 hand async fountain30/569c2020-06-202
4 ball async fountain72/146480c2018-07-102
4 ball async fountain in overheads26/3556c2020-07-151
4 ball async fountain isolated6/101m 8s (260c)2020-07-161
4 ball shower45/76120c2022-05-061
4 club 5310/21160c2020-11-102
4 club 53 in double, single8/14146c2020-10-227
4 club 53413/33108c2020-10-024
4 club 63314/196c2020-07-261
4 club async fountain in doubles45/86154c2020-10-263
4 club async fountain in doubles with a club balanced on the head7/1642c2021-08-274
4 club async fountain in singles38/6196c2022-04-103
4 club async fountain in singles with a club balanced on the head15/2314c2020-07-272
4 club async fountain in triples13/1972c2022-05-134
4 club sync fountain in doubles28/4762c2020-07-242
4 ring 1 hand async fountain6/1321c2022-11-122
4 ring 53411/1536c2020-07-251
4 ring async fountain with a club balanced on the head4/10102c2020-07-241
4 ring async fountain with a ring balanced on the head5/848c2020-10-262
4 ring sync fountain with a club balanced on the head4/462c2021-08-272
4 ring sync fountain with a ring balanced on the head3/342c2020-10-261
5 ball (6x,4)*37/70144c2020-09-232
5 ball 74453/7930c2020-07-161
5 ball 855255/620c2017-07-151
5 ball cascade96/2123m (600c)2011-07-311
5 ball cascade isolated16/24300c2018-07-061
5 ball cascade with a club balanced on the head12/3870c2018-06-191
5 ball shower36/6658c2020-06-201
5 club 74418/233c2020-11-091
5 club cascade in doubles44/110122c2023-03-194
5 club cascade in doubles isolated9/1072c2022-06-059
5 club cascade in triples18/2730c2020-07-123
5 club cascade with a club balanced on the head7/1210c2014-10-131
5 ring (6x,4)*9/1360c2017-10-101
5 ring 1 hand async fountain 2/65c2020-07-252
5 ring cascade23/831m 15s (260c)2016-03-221
5 ring cascade isolated8/10240c2020-06-231
5 ring cascade isolated with a club balanced on the head2/240c2019-02-101
5 ring cascade with a ring balanced on the head 3/622c2020-07-241
6 ball 75 half shower18/55124c2017-09-202
6 ball async fountain62/147112c2011-01-311
6 ball async fountain isolated15/2036c2017-06-161
6 ball shower26/4312c2020-06-261
6 ball [33]28/3136c2017-09-221
6 club 75 in triple, double19/276c2023-03-261
6 club async fountain in triples28/528c2023-04-303
6 club sync fountain in triples7/156c2020-10-081
6 ring async fountain13/63120c2011-05-051
6 ring async fountain with a club balanced on the head4/412c2017-06-121
6 ring sync fountain8/39102c2019-03-032
6 ring sync fountain isolated 3/492c2019-02-171
7 ball cascade78/16594c2011-01-151
7 ball cascade isolated17/2014c2020-07-261
7 ring cascade18/5432c2018-02-092
7 ring cascade isolated5/514c2019-03-171
8 ball async fountain51/1188c2023-01-292
8 ball sync fountain18/6710c2023-06-243
8 ring async fountain15/4416c2012-01-292
8 ring sync fountain5/2818c2019-03-253
9 ring cascade10/239c2016-07-161
Joshua Weiner's Recent Solo Records
8 ball sync fountain10c2023-06-242023-06-25
3 club backcrosses in singles42c2023-05-142023-05-15
6 club async fountain in triples8c2023-04-302023-05-01
6 club 75 in triple, double6c2023-03-262023-03-27
5 club cascade in doubles122c2023-03-192023-03-20
3 ring 1 hand async fountain1m 7s (123c)2023-02-052023-02-06
8 ball sync fountain8c2023-01-292023-01-30
8 ball async fountain8c2023-01-292023-01-30
8 ring sync fountain16c2023-01-222023-01-23
6 club async fountain in triples6c2023-01-222023-01-24
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