22nd of April 2024
Activity from 2 jugglers:
Aviv Fintsy
achieved 1 record:

165 catches of 4 ball 57413
Julian Kloos earned 1 badge:
Records 2
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21st of April 2024
Activity from 6 jugglers:
Bence Ónodi
achieved 1 record:

12 catches of 4 ball shoulder throws
Paco Jover
achieved 3 records:

152 catches of 4 ball 55550 isolated, 7 catches of 3 club cascade in triples, 153 catches of 3 club cascade in doubles
and earned 1 badge:
3c Doubles
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Juggler1st places2nd places3rd places
Maximilian Kuschmierz55715145
Bence Ónodi14615251
Alexandr Inozemtzev952513
ilia poliakov82106102
Moritz Rosner663118
Zoilo Adalia6030
Simeon graham557836
Ameron Rosvall552812
Tom Whitfield432730
Jack Denger39269
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Base ball patterns
Pattern1st PlaceDurationDate
3 ball cascadeLuke Burrage4h 55m 15s2004-02-12
4 ball async fountainMaximilian Kuschmierz3h 5m2023-05-01
5 ball cascadeBence Ónodi3h 44m 46s2022-04-21
6 ball async fountainBence Ónodi15m 20s2022-04-21
7 ball cascadeTom Whitfield8m 10s2021-03-08
8 ball async fountainTom Whitfield185c2023-06-14
9 ball cascadeTom Whitfield178c2022-05-31
10 ball async fountainTom Whitfield40c2021-12-22
11 ball cascadeTom Whitfield34c2022-10-11
12 ball async fountainTom Whitfield20c2024-04-07
13 ball cascadepeterbone, Dylan Tweed, Tom Whitfield, Dan Wood, Sylar Buckner & Erik Toll13c2005-11-15
14 ball async fountainNo records yet!
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Base club patterns
Pattern1st PlaceDurationDate
3 club cascade in singlesAlexandr Inozemtzev5h 1m 51s (44400c)2022-02-27
4 club async fountain in doublesAlexandr Inozemtzev1h 15m 9s (11500c)2021-05-13
5 club cascade in doublesEivind Dragsjo17m 13s2024-01-05
6 club async fountain in triplesKaito Tanioka269c2023-05-03
7 club cascade in triplesKaito Tanioka260c2023-02-05
8 club async fountain in quadsBenjamin Thompson16c2012-02-16
9 club cascade in quadsEivind Dragsjo11c2016-12-05
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Base ring patterns
Pattern1st PlaceDurationDate
3 ring cascadeMaximilian Kuschmierz3h 10m 45s2022-11-26
4 ring async fountainMaximilian Kuschmierz1h 40m 5s2024-01-21
5 ring cascadeMaximilian Kuschmierz33m 1s2024-01-02
6 ring async fountainEivind Dragsjo6m 55s2024-01-04
7 ring cascadeEivind Dragsjo1m 1s2024-01-04
8 ring async fountainEivind Dragsjo124c2023-09-11
9 ring cascadeAramis Gonzalez33c2023-02-09
10 ring async fountainEivind Dragsjo & Aramis Gonzalez20c2023-05-05
11 ring cascadeAramis Gonzalez13c2023-05-08
12 ring async fountainEivind Dragsjo6c2023-09-08
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Recent records
4 ball 57413Aviv Fintsy165c2024-04-222024-04-22
3 club cascade in doublesPaco Jover153c2024-04-212024-04-21
3 club cascade in triplesPaco Jover7c2024-04-212024-04-21
4 ball 55550 isolatedPaco Jover152c2024-04-212024-04-21
7 ball 8888881Andrea Borini13c2024-04-212024-04-21
1 club 1 blindAndrea Borini150c2024-04-212024-04-21
1 club 300 in one and a halfs with ohshitsAndrea Borini50c2024-04-212024-04-21
1 club 300 in one and a halfs with ohshits isolatedAndrea Borini50c2024-04-212024-04-21
1 club 300 in singlesAndrea Borini100c2024-04-212024-04-21
1 club 300 in singles isolatedAndrea Borini100c2024-04-212024-04-21
1 club 50000 in doublesAndrea Borini100c2024-04-212024-04-21
1 club 50000 in doubles isolatedAndrea Borini100c2024-04-212024-04-21
4 ball shoulder throws with a club balanced on the headSimeon graham9c2024-04-212024-04-21
6 ball 7777770Andrea Borini40c2024-04-212024-04-21
4 ball shoulder throwsBence Ónodi12c2024-04-212024-04-21
2 ball 1 hand async fountain in outside throwsNix Pawlowski1m 20s2024-04-212024-04-22
2 ball 1 hand columnsNix Pawlowski1m 20s2024-04-212024-04-22
4 ring async fountain with a ring balanced on the headowen36c2024-04-202024-04-19
5 club backcrosses in triplesowen10c2024-04-202024-04-19
3 ball cascadeDavid Couce18c2024-04-202024-04-20
4 ball async fountainDavid Couce67c2024-04-202024-04-20
4 ball sync fountainDavid Couce70c2024-04-202024-04-20
2 ball 1 hand async fountainDavid Couce69c2024-04-202024-04-20
3 ball 3 half showerDavid Couce120c2024-04-202024-04-20
3 ball showerDavid Couce114c2024-04-202024-04-20
3 ball 441David Couce117c2024-04-202024-04-20
4 ball (4,4)(4x,4x)David Couce104c2024-04-202024-04-20
4 ball wimpyDavid Couce102c2024-04-202024-04-20
3 ball (4,4)(4,0)David Couce111c2024-04-202024-04-20
4 ball 5551David Couce108c2024-04-202024-04-20
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