3rd of July 2022
Activity from 2 jugglers:
Katharina Michalski
achieved 2 records:

12 catches of 6 ball async fountain, 5 catches of 3 club backcrosses in doubles
and earned 2 badges:
6 Qualify
Diverse 3
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Moritz Rosner
achieved 2 records:

72 catches of 3 club treblas in singles, 80 catches of 3 club alberts in singles
and earned 1 badge:
3c Trbls
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2nd of July 2022
Activity from 5 jugglers:
Eivind Dragsjo
achieved 1 record:

132 catches of 5 ball 861
Florian Huber
achieved 1 record:

153 catches of 5 ball 753
Matt Quenon
achieved 1 record:

11 catches of 10 ball async fountain
Maximilian Kuschmierz
achieved 2 records:

40 catches of 8 ball 999999990, 600 catches of 3 ball 711
Moritz Rosner
achieved 1 record:

46 catches of 3 club treblas in singles
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Current top 10 jugglers
 - Bence Ónodi
 - Moritz Rosner
 - Tom Whitfield
 - Jack Denger
 - ilia poliakov
 - Aaron S

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Base ball patterns
Pattern1st PlaceDurationDate
3 ball cascadeAlex Lubker2h 46m 30s (30470c)2007-11-02
4 ball async fountainAlexandr Inozemtzev1h 3m 48s2021-12-22
5 ball cascadeBence Ónodi3h 44m 46s2022-04-21
6 ball async fountainBence Ónodi15m 20s2022-04-21
7 ball cascadeTom Whitfield8m 10s2021-03-08
8 ball async fountainTom Whitfield182c2020-10-20
9 ball cascadeTom Whitfield178c2022-05-31
10 ball async fountainTom Whitfield40c2021-12-22
11 ball cascadeTom Whitfield28c2022-04-09
12 ball async fountainTom Whitfield17c2022-01-20
13 ball cascadepeterbone, Dylan Tweed, Tom Whitfield & Danwood13c2005-11-15
14 ball async fountainNo records yet!
Most popular ball patterns
Pattern1st place2nd place3rd placeTotal jugglers
5 ball cascadeBence ÓnodiBenjamin ThompsonMaximilian Kuschmierz183
7 ball cascadeTom WhitfieldchristhejugglerBence Ónodi139
3 ball cascadeAlex LubkerNikMeierKatharina Michalski127
4 ball async fountainAlexandr InozemtzevMaximilian KuschmierzTeh Yi Shern126
6 ball async fountainBence ÓnodiTom WhitfieldMaximilian Kuschmierz125
4 ball sync fountainMaximilian KuschmierzFletcher SRobert LeBoeuf94
3 ball showeryameoFletcher Scalebstockwell93
3 ball mills messMaximilian KuschmierzFletcher Svanjonsson92
Base club patterns
Pattern1st PlaceDurationDate
3 club cascade in singlesAlexandr Inozemtzev5h 1m 51s (44400c)2022-02-27
4 club async fountain in doublesAlexandr Inozemtzev1h 15m 9s (11500c)2021-05-13
5 club cascade in doublesBar Mualem16m 2s2011-08-18
6 club async fountain in triplesJack Denger247c2020-12-15
7 club cascade in triplesHaavard Hvidsten187c2017-09-17
8 club async fountain in quadsBenjamin Thompson16c2012-02-16
9 club cascade in quadsEivind Dragsjo11c2016-12-05
Most popular club patterns
Pattern1st place2nd place3rd placeTotal jugglers
3 club cascade in singlesAlexandr InozemtzevRobert LeBoeufAmeron Rosvall91
5 club cascade in doublesBar MualemIver HTEivind Dragsjo88
4 club async fountain in doublesAlexandr InozemtzevDavid PiscoyaEivind Dragsjo73
3 club cascade in doublesAlexandr InozemtzevEvgen TriastsynRobert LeBoeuf55
4 club async fountain in singlesAmeron RosvallPablo VeltFelix Juggler54
3 club cascade in flatsAlexandr InozemtzevAmeron Rosvallpeterbone48
4 club sync fountain in doublesAlexandr InozemtzevBence ÓnodiEvgen Triastsyn39
3 club cascade with a club balanced on the headAlex LubkerMaximilian Kuschmierzllamajuggler37
Base ring patterns
Pattern1st PlaceDurationDate
3 ring cascadeRobert LeBoeuf3h 1m 10s2020-02-23
4 ring async fountainRobert LeBoeuf1h 20m 27s2021-01-19
5 ring cascadeEivind Dragsjo22m 22s2022-01-24
6 ring async fountainEivind Dragsjo6m 38s (1407c)2022-01-02
7 ring cascadeEivind Dragsjo336c2020-12-09
8 ring async fountainEivind Dragsjo100c2018-09-16
9 ring cascadeEivind Dragsjo28c2016-11-07
10 ring async fountainEivind Dragsjo20c2018-08-18
11 ring cascadeEivind Dragsjo11c2016-05-05
12 ring async fountainNo records yet!
Most popular ring patterns
Pattern1st place2nd place3rd placeTotal jugglers
5 ring cascadeEivind DragsjoMaximilian KuschmierzKati Yla-Hokkala70
3 ring cascadeRobert LeBoeufMaximilian KuschmierzAmeron Rosvall65
4 ring async fountainRobert LeBoeufAmeron RosvallMaximilian Kuschmierz62
6 ring async fountainEivind DragsjochristhejugglerPablo Velt52
7 ring cascadeEivind DragsjochristhejugglerJack Denger41
4 ring sync fountainMaximilian KuschmierzRobert LeBoeufEvgen Triastsyn41
2 ring 1 hand async fountainMaximilian KuschmierzFabianJos Tipker40
3 ring reverse cascadeAmeron RosvallMaximilian KuschmierzTobias Langfels35
Recent records
3 club treblas in singlesMoritz Rosner72c2022-07-032022-07-03
6 ball async fountainKatharina Michalski12c2022-07-032022-07-03
3 club backcrosses in doublesKatharina Michalski5c2022-07-032022-07-03
3 club alberts in singlesMoritz Rosner80c2022-07-032022-07-03
5 ball 861Eivind Dragsjo132c2022-07-022022-07-02
3 club treblas in singlesMoritz Rosner46c2022-07-022022-07-02
5 ball 753Florian Huber153c2022-07-022022-07-02
8 ball 999999990Maximilian Kuschmierz40c2022-07-022022-07-02
3 ball 711Maximilian Kuschmierz600c2022-07-022022-07-02
10 ball async fountainMatt Quenon11c2022-07-022022-07-03
7 ball cascadeKatharina Michalski7c2022-07-012022-07-01
8 ball async fountainBence Ónodi64c2022-06-302022-06-30
3 ball cascade blindBen Hermans1m 26s2022-06-302022-06-30
4 ball 74414Ben Hermans30c2022-06-302022-06-30
5 ball cascadeBen Hermans2m 21s2022-06-302022-06-30
5 ring 645Bence Ónodi6m 17s2022-06-302022-06-30
4 club 55550 backcrossesBence Ónodi8c2022-06-302022-06-30
8 ball 97a86Maximilian Kuschmierz5c2022-06-302022-06-30
5 club backcrosses in triplesBence Ónodi9c2022-06-302022-07-01
3 club alberts in singlesMoritz Rosner64c2022-06-302022-07-01
5 club backcrosses in triplesBence Ónodi8c2022-06-292022-06-29
6 ball 891Bence Ónodi67c2022-06-292022-06-29
5 ball cascadeBen Hermans2m 43s2022-06-292022-06-29
5 ball 672edvardnaarstad96c2022-06-292022-06-29
4 ball 561edvardnaarstad345c2022-06-292022-06-29
4 ball (6x,6x)(2x,2x)(8x,8x)(2x,2x)(2x,2x)(ax,ax)(2x,2x)(2x,2x)(2x,2x)edvardnaarstad72c2022-06-292022-06-29
4 ball (6x,6x)(2x,2x)(8x,8x)(2x,2x)(2x,2x)edvardnaarstad104c2022-06-292022-06-29
4 ball (8x,8x)(2x,2x)(2x,2x)edvardnaarstad84c2022-06-292022-06-29
4 club 53Katharina Michalski30c2022-06-292022-06-29
7 ball 867Eivind Dragsjo117c2022-06-292022-06-30
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