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Common ball patterns
Pattern1st PlaceDurationDateNotes
3 ball cascadeAlex Lubker2h 46m 30s (30470c)2007-11-02-
4 ball async fountainAlex Lubker38m 30s (7929c)2007-09-28-
5 ball cascadepeterbone59m 3s2007-08-18-
6 ball async fountainchristhejuggler5m 50s2014-09-13-
7 ball cascadechristhejuggler5m 5s2014-10-11-
8 ball async fountainTom Whitfield119c2017-11-16-
9 ball cascadeMatan Presberg102c2017-06-27-
10 ball async fountainTom Whitfield31c2017-08-12
11 ball cascadeTom Whitfield24c2018-03-14
12 ball async fountainNikMeier14c2017-03-11
13 ball cascadepeterbone13c2005-11-15-
14 ball async fountainNo records yet!
Most popular ball patterns
Pattern1st place2nd place3rd placeTotal jugglers
5 ball cascadepeterbonechristhejugglerMaximilian Kuschmierz59
7 ball cascadechristhejugglerEivind DragsjoBar Mualem57
6 ball asyncchristhejugglerTom WhitfieldMaximilian Kuschmierz47
8 ball asyncTom WhitfieldMatan PresbergAlex McGillivray35
9 ball cascadeMatan PresbergTom WhitfieldDanwood32
5 ball showerLeeroy49lutkuspeterbone26
5 ball 744Leeroy49norbiMats125
4 ball asyncAlex LubkerLeeroy49Tom Whitfield24
Common club patterns
Pattern1st PlaceDurationDateNotes
3 club cascade in singlesNikMeier1h 9m 15s2017-09-01
My first drop after 13km during a 16.5km joggling run. Dropped one club, watched the time and got a personal best in 3 club endurance.
4 club async fountain in doublesJohn13m 13s (2100c)2018-02-16
Jesus Christ! That I did not expect it myself to happen! Catches are estimated.

5 club cascade in doublesBar Mualem16m 2s2011-08-18-
6 club async fountain in triplesEivind Dragsjo1m 11s (229c)2016-12-07-
7 club cascade in triplesEivind Dragsjo135c2017-09-18-
8 club async fountain in quadsBenjamin Thompson16c2012-02-16
Appx date
9 club cascade in quadsEivind Dragsjo11c2016-12-05
Most popular club patterns
Pattern1st place2nd place3rd placeTotal jugglers
5 club cascade in doublesBar MualemEivind Dragsjopeterbone36
4 club async in doublesJohnFabianLeeroy4924
6 club async in triplesEivind DragsjochristhejugglerBenjamin Thompson19
5 club cascade in singlesEivind DragsjoFelix Jugglerpeterbone17
4 club async in singlesLeeroy49peterboneFelix Juggler13
7 club cascade in triplesEivind DragsjoBenjamin Thompsonchristhejuggler13
5 club cascade in triplesLeeroy49peterboneFelix Juggler13
3 club cascadeNikMeierAlex Lubkerlutkus13
Common ring patterns
Pattern1st PlaceDurationDateNotes
3 ring cascadeAmeron Rosvall1h 1m (9000c)2007-09-09
Looking through my old notes.
4 ring async fountainAmeron Rosvall48m 8s (10000c)2008-01-09
Epic pulldown finish!!!
5 ring cascadeEivind Dragsjo6m 35s (1375c)2011-08-09-
6 ring async fountainEivind Dragsjo2m 19s (450c)2014-08-03-
7 ring cascadeEivind Dragsjo300c2017-09-18-
8 ring async fountainEivind Dragsjo80c2017-01-29-
9 ring cascadeEivind Dragsjo28c2016-11-07-
10 ring async fountainEivind Dragsjo20c2018-08-18-
11 ring cascadeEivind Dragsjo11c2016-05-05
12 ring async fountainNo records yet!
Most popular ring patterns
Pattern1st place2nd place3rd placeTotal jugglers
6 ring asyncEivind DragsjochristhejugglerLeeroy4922
5 ring cascadeEivind DragsjoLeeroy49jernqvist19
7 ring cascadeEivind DragsjochristhejugglerBar Mualem18
8 ring asyncEivind DragsjoZak McAllisterchristhejuggler13
4 ring asyncAmeron RosvallAlex Lubkerjernqvist12
6 ring syncFabianJonHartfordjernqvist12
8 ring syncEivind DragsjoJonHartfordnorbi11
9 ring cascadeEivind DragsjochristhejugglerZak McAllister8
Recent records
6 ball 7566666vanjonsson37c2018-09-252018-09-25
3 club 531vanjonsson9c2018-09-252018-09-25
4 ring asyncvanjonsson36c2018-09-252018-09-25
6 ball 75666vanjonsson20c2018-09-252018-09-25
6 ball 756vanjonsson15c2018-09-252018-09-25
6 ring syncMichael Hendriksen15c2018-09-242018-09-24
5 club cascade in flatsjernqvist21c2018-09-232018-09-23
5 ball backcrossesjernqvist6c2018-09-232018-09-23
3 ball cascade blindvanjonsson1m 46s2018-09-212018-09-21
3 ball cascade forkedvanjonsson34c2018-09-212018-09-21
3 club 531vanjonsson6c2018-09-212018-09-21
6 ball (8,8)(4,4)vanjonsson14c2018-09-212018-09-21
6 ball 756vanjonsson12c2018-09-212018-09-21
6 ball 7566666vanjonsson28c2018-09-212018-09-21
6 ball 7777770vanjonsson30c2018-09-212018-09-21
5 ball cascadeTyp17114c2018-09-202018-09-20
6 ball wimpy isolatedMichael Hendriksen26c2018-09-202018-09-20
3 ball cascade blindMichael Hendriksen3m 12s2018-09-202018-09-20
3 ball cascade blind behind the backMichael Hendriksen150c2018-09-202018-09-20
3 ball cascade in penguin catchesMichael Hendriksen172c2018-09-202018-09-20
4 ball showerTyp1726c2018-09-202018-09-20
7 club cascade in triplesZak McAllister34c2018-09-192018-09-20
7 ball cascade isolatedvanjonsson77c2018-09-182018-09-18
6 ball wimpy isolatedvanjonsson42c2018-09-182018-09-18
6 ball sync isolatedvanjonsson75c2018-09-182018-09-18
6 ball async isolatedvanjonsson196c2018-09-182018-09-18
5 ball cascade isolatedvanjonsson1m 52s (480c)2018-09-182018-09-18
3 club cascadevanjonsson7m 41s2018-09-182018-09-18
3 ball 1 hand asyncvanjonsson1m 27s (184c)2018-09-182018-09-18
6 ball wimpyvanjonsson48c2018-09-182018-09-18
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