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Combined flashed: 29
Combined qualified: 17

Reputation: 100%
Country: United States of America
Joined: 2017-06-24

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Benjamin Thompson's Solo Patterns
2 club 1 hand columns in singles5/755c2022-05-091
3 ball cascade with a club balanced on the head9/27202c2022-05-091
3 club alberts in singles 3/1650c2004-12-191
3 club backcrosses in singles22/3053c2022-05-091
3 club cascade in doubles26/56121c2022-05-091
3 club cascade in flats21/48141c2022-05-091
3 club cascade in lazies4/13108c2022-05-091
3 club cascade in singles69/96101c2022-05-091
3 club cascade in triples12/28167c2022-05-091
3 club reverse backcrosses5/1157c2022-05-091
4 club async fountain in doubles49/75104c2022-05-091
4 club async fountain in singles32/57100c2022-05-091
4 club columns in singles4/6100c2022-05-091
4 club sync fountain in doubles18/40112c2022-05-091
4 club sync fountain in singles17/34106c2022-05-091
5 ball cascade 2/1881h 47m2003-06-121
5 club (6x,4x) half shower 2/5200c2010-05-061
5 club backcrosses in doubles4/1185c2015-01-091
5 club backcrosses in triples5/15115c2007-08-151
5 club cascade with a club balanced on the head 3/10155c2009-08-201
6 club async fountain in triples5/37165c2012-04-162
7 club cascade in triples5/29115c2012-04-162
8 club async fountain in quads 1/716c2012-02-163
9 ball cascade16/7737c2005-02-161
9 club cascade in quads 2/39c2011-11-231
9 ring cascade8/169c2020-02-241
10 ball async fountain7/3514c2022-05-103
10 ball sync fountain5/2918c2022-06-133
11 ball cascade8/2113c2022-05-172
Benjamin Thompson's Recent Solo Records
10 ball sync fountain18c2022-06-132022-06-15
11 ball cascade13c2022-05-172022-05-18-
10 ball async fountain14c2022-05-102022-05-11-
4 club sync fountain in doubles112c2022-05-092022-05-10-
4 club async fountain in doubles104c2022-05-092022-05-10-
4 club sync fountain in singles106c2022-05-092022-05-10-
4 club async fountain in singles100c2022-05-092022-05-10-
4 club columns in singles100c2022-05-092022-05-10-
3 ball cascade with a club balanced on the head202c2022-05-092022-05-10-
3 club cascade in triples167c2022-05-092022-05-10-
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