Records for 3 ball cascade with a club balance ss:3

Difficulty: 8/10 - from 1 rating

Number of jugglers: 14
Number of records: 58
Added on 2012-08-23 by Tom Whitfield.

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Some rankings have been estimated using a user average catches per second of: 1.88.

3 ball cascade with a club balance
1Alex Lubker1082c 2007-08-291
Club balanced on chin
2Maximilian Kuschmierz6m 21s (717c) 2021-01-165
my neck hurts
3Fabian3m 6s (401c) 2017-02-101-0
4hirskontra240c 2014-05-017
chin balance with 3bbb. I nailed my 6th 171 in darts today, as well
5Tom Whitfield215c 2020-12-3113-0
6John1m 50s (182c) 2020-12-3113
Just wanted to surpass my previous PR, but really, Jesus H. Christ, with clubs is soooooo much better!

7Juggling fool157c 2012-02-095-0
8Felix Juggler100c 2017-11-261-0
9Mats157c 2010-09-295-0
10Antonis Oikonomou25c 2021-01-061-0
11Dave Leahy14c 2017-04-151-0
12regularjugular5c 2012-10-021
I'm sure I got more but I got distracted with other patterns
=12vanjonsson5c 2018-11-273-0
13julip3c 2014-09-091-0
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