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Country: Greece
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3 ball 1 hand async fountain 3/492m 10s2021-03-284
3 ball cascade with a club balanced on the head7/211m 50s (182c)2020-12-3113
3 ball cascade with a head bounce4/611c2019-04-067
3 club 531 1/136m2020-12-302
3 club backcrosses in doubles6/241m 45s (140c)2020-12-171
3 club backcrosses in one and a halfs with ohshits2/2101c2021-05-144
3 club backcrosses in singles6/271m 45s (181c)2021-05-134
3 club cascade in helicopters 1/52m 22s (318c)2021-11-153
3 club cascade with a club balanced on the head8/322m 10s (242c)2021-05-2413
3 club cascade with a head bounce4/513c2021-01-017
3 club mills mess in flats 3/52m 25s2020-12-312
3 club mills mess in halfs with ohshits2/22m (216c)2020-12-171
4 ball mills mess 2/4613m 38s2021-01-036
4 club 53 2/154m 10s2020-12-172
4 club 534 3/252m 10s2021-11-153
4 club 552 1/86m 33s2021-03-241
4 club async fountain in doubles6/6413m 13s (2100c)2018-02-167
4 club columns in one and a halfs with ohshits1/1130c2021-05-023
5 ball cascade19/15715m 20s2019-08-313
5 ball reverse cascade6/49430c2018-03-205
5 ball shower30/5676c2021-05-125
5 club cascade in doubles43/8297c2021-11-2115
6 ball async fountain36/110156c2018-02-253
7 ball cascade85/12730c2019-09-235
Longest time with a club balanced on the head10/225m 25s2019-03-044
Longest time with a head bounce4/9262b2020-12-306
John's Recent Records
5 club cascade in doubles97c2021-11-212021-11-22

3 club cascade in helicopters2m 22s (318c)2021-11-152021-11-17
Helicopter gymnastics :)

4 club 5342m 10s2021-11-152021-11-17
A bit better!

4 club 5342m 2s (400c)2021-08-072021-08-08
Just a bit better from last time, has potential!

3 club cascade in helicopters1m 35s (220c)2021-07-082021-07-08
Jesus, that\'s a forearm workout!

5 club cascade in doubles89c2021-05-292021-05-30
RESULTS \\(\'0\')/! After almost 1 year of training, so happy (and soooo slow)!

3 club cascade with a club balanced on the head2m 10s (242c)2021-05-242021-05-25
Progress and stability!

3 club backcrosses in one and a halfs with ohshits101c2021-05-142021-05-14
Finally, goal of 100 reached! Let\'s see some \"new blood\" try to beat this record!

3 club backcrosses in singles1m 45s (181c)2021-05-132021-05-14
Going Strong, 5 min is the goal!

5 ball shower76c2021-05-122021-05-13
Finally some progress, going for the 100!
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