Jonny Moore

Northern Irish. Mostly balls, but a bit of everything. Foot juggling is cool too

Jonny Moore has been juggling for 6 years and 1 month.

Combined flashed: 22
Combined qualified: 20

Reputation: 100%
Country: Ireland
Joined: 2021-03-20

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2 ball 1 hand 40 with a ball spin on free hand 1/750c2021-03-221
2 club 1 hand columns in flats 2/497c2021-03-231
3 ball 441 with a club balanced on the head 2/3138c2021-04-211
3 ball 531 mills mess variation9/17200c2021-03-221
3 ball 12345 in overheads3/392c2018-04-261
3 ball backcrosses10/431m 15s (145c)2021-05-164
3 ball backcrosses with a club balanced on the head 3/512c2021-05-202
3 ball cascade in behind the neck throws5/14149c2021-03-223
3 ball cascade with a club balanced on the head5/21212c2021-05-072
3 ball cascade with a ring balanced on the head 3/526c2021-08-202
3 ball inverted box5/10244c2021-03-221
3 ball reverse cascade with a club balanced on the head2/2105c2021-03-232
3 ball shower with a club balanced on the head 3/4120c2021-03-221
3 club 1 hand async fountain in triples7/1612c2018-12-172
3 club backcrosses in doubles18/2454c2021-04-153
3 club cascade in flats25/41100c2021-03-221
3 club cascade in helicopters 2/544c2018-08-121
3 club cascade with a club balanced on the head21/3175c2021-04-162
3 ring cascade in pancakes14/24101c2021-03-221
3 ring reverse cascade in pancakes 3/9196c2021-03-241
4 ball 1 hand async fountain12/4225c2019-11-222
4 ball 61510/23254c2018-12-271
4 ball 5551 in overheads 1/271c2018-04-221
4 ball 7531 in overheads1/145c2018-04-281
4 ball async fountain in overheads 3/26352c2018-04-231
4 ball async fountain pinball 2/9420c2019-07-282
4 ball async fountain with a club balanced on the head6/22180c2021-06-176
4 ball async fountain with penguin catches 3/1060c2021-06-173
4 ball inverted sprung cascade 3/426c2021-08-192
4 ball mills mess18/45220c2018-08-193
4 ball shoulder throws4/988c2021-05-167
4 ball sprung cascade5/20262c2021-01-251
4 ball sync fountain with penguin catches 2/420c2021-07-131
4 club (6x,4)(4,2x)*2/28c2018-07-191
4 club 53411/2469c2021-04-243
4 club 6334/1454c2021-08-064
4 club 75316/88c2018-07-111
4 club 645143/310c2018-07-191
4 club 753143/310c2018-08-121
4 club async fountain in flats10/1723c2021-03-132
4 club async fountain in singles11/43440c2020-03-065
4 club async fountain in singles with a club balanced on the head11/2022c2021-04-243
4 club sync fountain in singles7/26280c2021-03-221
4 ring async fountain in pancakes12/148c2021-03-231
4 ring async fountain with a club balanced on the head5/64c2021-04-141
5 ball (6,4)(4x,6)* 2/3220c2021-04-211
5 ball (6x,4)(6,4x) 2/5372c2021-03-221
5 ball (6x,4)(6x,4x)*4/7216c2021-05-183
5 ball (6x,4x)(6,4x)* 3/6160c2021-03-221
5 ball (8x,4)(4,4)*5/14125c2021-04-291
5 ball 64510/54600c2019-10-167
5 ball 66312/23104c2021-03-261
5 ball 74414/61264c2019-04-213
5 ball 744 in overheads 3/621c2021-05-142
5 ball 75311/30123c2021-04-291
5 ball 77110/25130c2021-04-072
5 ball 8346/941c2021-04-242
5 ball 8614/793c2021-06-253
5 ball 666614/30300c2021-05-062
5 ball 9444410/27110c2021-04-223
5 ball 9753115/51150c2021-08-034
5 ball 97531 in overheads1/15c2018-05-051
5 ball 777171 2/8184c2021-04-211
5 ball backcrosses12/2715c2021-06-023
5 ball cascade29/1522898c2018-12-183
5 ball cascade blind 2/139c2021-03-223
5 ball cascade blind behind the back 1/836c2019-11-011
5 ball cascade in overheads 2/24220c2020-05-247
5 ball cascade pinball 1/4364c2021-03-203
5 ball cascade with a club balanced on the head10/30101c2021-05-088
5 ball cascade with a ring balanced on the head 3/412c2021-06-031
5 ball cascade with clawed catches 2/540c2021-04-222
5 ball cascade with penguin catches 2/810c2021-07-131
5 ball mills mess10/33150c2021-02-1810
5 ball reverse cascade11/48208c2018-10-083
5 ball sprung fountain 2/380c2021-04-011
5 ball tennis 2/15150c2021-03-201
5 ball [54]244/5333c2018-04-261
5 bounce ball lift cascade6/929c2021-08-312
5 club (6x,4)*7/1934c2021-08-252
5 club (6x,4)* with the 6xs as doubles and the 4s as singles 1/634c2021-08-252
5 club 6459/1015c2021-08-133
5 club 74415/206c2021-06-182
5 club 7536/73c2021-06-041
5 club 666614/55c2021-06-181
5 club cascade in doubles27/80192c2021-06-1113
5 club cascade in singles15/3025c2021-05-132
5 club cascade in triples7/2266c2021-09-283
5 ring 74411/116c2021-06-081
5 ring cascade32/60104c2021-02-094
5 ring cascade with a club balanced on the head5/55c2021-04-141
6 ball (8,4)*6/1340c2021-01-041
6 ball (8,8)(4,4)9/1632c2021-07-111
6 ball 75 half shower7/41226c2018-09-243
6 ball 75614/35138c2020-08-018
6 ball 7744/20178c2021-08-315
6 ball 8558/22141c2021-09-075
6 ball 955512/2148c2018-10-302
6 ball 777812/230c2021-04-221
6 ball 777771 3/22108c2020-12-073
6 ball 7777770 3/12186c2020-11-281
6 ball async fountain28/108256c2020-02-234
6 ball async fountain blind behind the back 1/313c2021-03-201
6 ball async fountain with a club balanced on the head8/1513c2021-04-082
6 ball async fountain with a ring balanced on the head2/26c2021-06-081
6 ball b9753113/3324c2018-11-123
6 ball mills mess6/918c2020-05-171
6 ball shower13/3446c2018-09-142
6 ball sync fountain7/57174c2020-03-284
6 ball sync fountain with a club balanced on the head4/612c2021-06-172
6 ball wimpy9/36188c2019-05-072
6 club async fountain in triples24/336c2021-06-111
6 club sync fountain in triples6/116c2021-06-041
6 ring async fountain31/4819c2021-06-012
7 ball (8x,6)*17/3752c2021-04-225
7 ball (8x,6x) half shower8/2162c2018-10-223
7 ball (ax,6)(6,6)*2/24c2021-04-241
7 ball 8677/1632c2021-04-113
7 ball 96615/2312c2021-06-042
7 ball 9755/83c2018-08-191
7 ball 88888815/814c2021-03-202
7 ball b66665/65c2021-05-231
7 ball cascade14/126385c2020-07-287
7 ball cascade with a club balanced on the head5/816c2021-05-063
7 ball db975315/127c2018-12-241
7 ball reverse cascade4/1427c2021-05-022
7 ring cascade31/407c2021-04-141
8 ball 97 half shower9/2420c2020-03-062
8 ball 999999990 3/1230c2020-08-121
8 ball async fountain24/8530c2020-09-013
8 ball sync fountain6/5234c2020-02-232
8 ball wimpy10/3234c2020-05-241
9 ball cascade17/6828c2021-06-297
Longest time with a head bounce8/1038b2019-04-081
Jonny Moore's Recent Records
5 club cascade in triples66c2021-09-282021-09-28-
6 ball 855141c2021-09-072021-09-08
Following suit from the 774 record beating, I seem to have once again had a freak long run... maybe I\'m better at 6b than I thought... 8)
5 bounce ball lift cascade29c2021-08-312021-09-01-
6 ball 774178c2021-08-312021-09-01
No idea what happened, just randomly added 100 catches to my pb.
5 club (6x,4)* with the 6xs as doubles and the 4s as singles34c2021-08-252021-08-25-
5 club (6x,4)*34c2021-08-252021-08-25-
5 bounce ball lift cascade20c2021-08-252021-08-25-
3 ball cascade with a ring balanced on the head26c2021-08-202021-08-20-
4 ball inverted sprung cascade26c2021-08-192021-08-19-
5 club 64515c2021-08-132021-08-16
5 rounds. feel like in a few more sessions i could run it for ages
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