Jonny Moore

Northern Irish. Mostly balls, but a bit of everything. Foot juggling is cool too

Jonny Moore has been juggling for 8 years and 9 months.

Combined flashed: 27
Combined qualified: 23

Reputation: 100%
Country: Ireland
Joined: 2021-03-20

Jonny Moore is participating in the following leagues:
The Endurance League
  • The Numbers League

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 - 12
 - 14
 - 24
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Jonny Moore's Solo Patterns
2 ball 1 hand 40 with a ball spin on free hand 1/750c2021-03-221
2 club 1 hand columns in flats 2/597c2021-03-231
3 ball 441 with a club balanced on the head 3/9138c2021-04-211
3 ball 531 mills mess variation11/23200c2021-03-221
3 ball 12345 in overheads5/592c2018-04-261
3 ball alberts5/73c2024-03-311
3 ball backcrosses13/611m 15s (145c)2021-05-164
3 ball backcrosses with a club balanced on the head4/815c2023-02-183
3 ball cascade in behind the neck throws6/19149c2021-03-223
3 ball cascade with a club balanced on the head10/33212c2021-05-072
3 ball cascade with a ring balanced on the head5/726c2021-08-202
3 ball inverted box4/13244c2021-03-221
3 ball l3131313131313131311/119c2023-04-231
3 ball reverse cascade with a club balanced on the head 2/5105c2021-03-232
3 ball shower with a club balanced on the head4/10120c2021-03-221
3 club 1 hand async fountain in triples10/2112c2018-12-172
3 club backcrosses in doubles20/3681c2023-11-034
3 club cascade in flats30/60100c2021-03-221
3 club cascade in helicopters5/844c2018-08-121
3 club cascade with a club balanced on the head24/43100c2023-11-053
3 ring cascade in pancakes18/36101c2021-03-221
3 ring reverse cascade in pancakes 3/11196c2021-03-241
4 ball 1 hand async fountain11/6045c2022-09-234
4 ball 61511/30254c2018-12-271
4 ball 7234/20195c2023-07-181
4 ball 5551 in overheads 2/471c2018-04-221
4 ball 7531 in overheads 1/345c2018-04-281
4 ball async fountain blind12/2810c2023-01-041
4 ball async fountain in overheads4/36352c2018-04-231
4 ball async fountain pinball 3/8420c2019-07-282
4 ball async fountain with a club balanced on the head7/30180c2021-06-176
4 ball async fountain with a ring balanced on the head6/618c2021-10-291
4 ball async fountain with penguin catches5/1360c2021-06-173
4 ball inverted sprung cascade 3/646c2022-02-023
4 ball mills mess24/62220c2018-08-193
4 ball shoulder throws7/1388c2021-05-167
4 ball shoulder throws with a club balanced on the head2/24c2022-12-291
4 ball sprung cascade8/27262c2021-01-251
4 ball sync fountain blind 1/531c2023-01-041
4 ball sync fountain with penguin catches 3/533c2022-12-252
4 club (6x,4)(4,2x)* 2/38c2018-07-191
4 club 53 in triple, single8/13108c2024-06-071
4 club 53414/36105c2023-03-215
4 club 615 2/9105c2024-04-055
4 club 6335/2181c2023-03-215
4 club 7531 3/1228c2023-07-043
4 club 645143/310c2018-07-191
4 club 753143/310c2018-08-121
4 club async fountain in doubles with a club balanced on the head12/169c2022-04-022
4 club async fountain in flats13/2023c2021-03-132
4 club async fountain in singles17/66440c2020-03-065
4 club async fountain in singles with a club balanced on the head10/2539c2023-11-054
4 club sync fountain in singles9/39280c2021-03-221
4 ring async fountain in pancakes13/178c2021-03-231
4 ring async fountain with a club balanced on the head8/104c2021-04-141
4 ring async fountain with a ring balanced on the head8/84c2022-03-151
5 ball (6,4)(4x,6)* 3/7220c2021-04-211
5 ball (6x,4)(6,4x) 3/11372c2021-03-221
5 ball (6x,4)(6x,4x)*4/10216c2021-05-183
5 ball (6x,4x)(6,4x)*5/11160c2021-03-221
5 ball (8x,4)(4,4)*6/20125c2021-04-291
5 ball 64511/71600c2019-10-167
5 ball 645 with the 4s as shoulder throws 2/3150c2024-05-283
5 ball 66316/34104c2021-03-261
5 ball 74414/831m 17s (330c)2023-10-024
5 ball 744 in overheads4/842c2022-06-293
5 ball 75315/43123c2021-04-291
5 ball 77115/34130c2021-04-072
5 ball 834 2/11201c2023-09-206
5 ball 8616/18141c2021-11-164
5 ball 915 3/11123c2023-01-244
5 ball 74634/9120c2023-06-261
5 ball 77334/17130c2023-07-212
5 ball 34567 2/10160c2023-10-052
5 ball 666616/51300c2021-05-062
5 ball 68551 1/3125c2023-03-141
5 ball 747345/11125c2023-07-032
5 ball 757515/16150c2022-07-052
5 ball 884414/20140c2023-09-032
5 ball 9444411/38110c2021-04-223
5 ball 9753115/70235c2021-11-055
5 ball 97531 in overheads 1/45c2018-05-051
5 ball 777171 2/11184c2021-04-211
5 ball 1234567895/936c2023-04-222
5 ball backcrosses14/3518c2023-04-224
5 ball cascade46/2329m 52s (2487c)2023-12-113
5 ball cascade blind 3/189c2021-03-223
5 ball cascade blind behind the back 1/1036c2019-11-011
5 ball cascade in overheads 3/34239c2024-03-018
5 ball cascade pinball 1/4364c2021-03-203
5 ball cascade with a club balanced on the head12/41101c2021-05-088
5 ball cascade with a ring balanced on the head5/712c2021-06-031
5 ball cascade with clawed catches 3/840c2021-04-222
5 ball cascade with penguin catches4/1010c2021-07-131
5 ball high low shower12/28112c2023-06-251
5 ball mills mess12/44150c2021-02-1810
5 ball one high two low shower 2/590c2023-06-261
5 ball reverse cascade12/58208c2018-10-083
5 ball sprung fountain 2/4108c2023-07-214
5 ball tennis 3/16150c2021-03-201
5 ball [54]246/12333c2018-04-261
5 bounce ball lift cascade8/1529c2021-08-312
5 club (6x,4)*10/2034c2021-08-252
5 club (6x,4)* with the 6xs as doubles and the 4s as singles 1/734c2021-08-252
5 club 6459/1133c2023-11-034
5 club 6634/43c2023-04-231
5 club 7449/2445c2024-04-056
5 club 7537/86c2022-08-132
5 club 77331/14c2023-08-291
5 club 666615/55c2021-06-181
5 club 847331/15c2023-11-041
5 club 944443/35c2021-11-061
5 club 975316/95c2023-08-011
5 club 66681441/17c2023-08-021
5 club 74934441/17c2023-08-011
5 club cascade in doubles15/1182m 15s (446c)2024-05-0219
5 club cascade in singles18/3443c2022-02-153
5 club cascade in triples5/301m 9s (180c)2024-04-166
5 ring 74413/166c2021-06-081
5 ring 975316/105c2022-08-111
5 ring cascade44/90104c2021-02-094
5 ring cascade with a club balanced on the head6/75c2021-04-141
6 ball (8,4)*7/20140c2023-08-269
6 ball (8,8)(4,4)4/24216c2023-08-293
6 ball (8x,4x)* 3/436c2023-09-032
6 ball 1 hand [66]0 3/46c2023-08-231
6 ball 75 half shower9/60260c2023-12-074
6 ball 7568/511m 3s (294c)2023-12-1710
6 ball 7745/25178c2021-08-315
6 ball 7834/421c2024-03-011
6 ball 8557/32165c2023-10-116
6 ball 8646/26150c2024-05-249
6 ball 9455/9117c2023-10-054
6 ball 9637/1133c2024-03-121
6 ball 8844 3/11104c2023-07-035
6 ball 955510/27112c2023-07-043
6 ball 9753 3/1264c2023-10-094
6 ball 77781 3/474c2024-02-082
6 ball 777771 3/32108c2020-12-073
6 ball 77777704/22186c2020-11-281
6 ball 9555855 3/6100c2024-05-263
6 ball async fountain13/1622m 33s (679c)2023-12-056
6 ball async fountain blind behind the back 1/313c2021-03-201
6 ball async fountain in overheads 3/1653c2024-05-266
6 ball async fountain with a club balanced on the head9/1513c2021-04-082
6 ball async fountain with a ring balanced on the head3/36c2021-06-081
6 ball b9753115/4336c2022-02-245
6 ball mills mess7/1218c2020-05-171
6 ball shower15/4546c2018-09-142
6 ball sprung cascade 3/624c2023-02-181
6 ball sync fountain4/881m 38s (412c)2023-09-197
6 ball sync fountain with a club balanced on the head5/612c2021-06-172
6 ball wimpy16/54188c2019-05-072
6 club 75 in triple, double16/3222c2024-04-305
6 club async fountain in triples32/586c2021-06-111
6 club sync fountain in triples8/166c2021-06-041
6 ring async fountain38/6821c2024-03-293
6 ring sync fountain24/4315c2023-07-211
7 ball (8x,6)*14/53100c2023-12-059
7 ball (8x,6x) half shower14/3462c2018-10-223
7 ball (ax,6)(6,6)*3/34c2021-04-241
7 ball 8678/2476c2024-02-086
7 ball 8857/96c2023-02-181
7 ball 96613/3139c2024-04-015
7 ball 9755/1312c2024-03-212
7 ball 8596 1/28c2023-07-111
7 ball 9955 2/68c2023-07-041
7 ball 99944 2/410c2023-07-031
7 ball 88888815/1314c2021-03-202
7 ball b66665/810c2024-02-292
7 ball cascade17/1771m 41s (514c)2023-07-189
7 ball cascade with a club balanced on the head8/1216c2021-05-063
7 ball db975316/157c2018-12-241
7 ball reverse cascade5/1527c2021-05-022
7 ball [333][333]32/263c2021-12-151
7 club cascade in triples28/5318c2024-05-218
7 ring cascade34/557c2021-04-141
8 ball 97 half shower7/3242c2023-08-243
8 ball 999999990 3/1530c2020-08-121
8 ball async fountain26/12540c2022-04-024
8 ball async fountain with a club balanced on the head5/58c2024-01-161
8 ball sync fountain7/7234c2020-02-232
8 ball wimpy7/52115c2024-05-149
8 ring sync fountain12/308c2023-07-222
9 ball cascade16/11754c2024-05-2611
9 ball [333] 2/642c2023-10-213
10 ball async fountain13/4810c2022-12-031
10 ball sync fountain4/3620c2024-02-017
10 ball wimpy6/2014c2024-04-262
10 ball [55] 3/714c2023-04-221
11 ball cascade8/2813c2024-02-083
12 ball sync fountain4/1412c2024-01-251
Longest time with a head bounce12/1439b2022-04-032
Most catches in 1 minute of 5 ball cascade 1/15354c2023-09-241
Most connected 6 ball 4 up 360s4/1022023-07-241
Most consecutive 8 ball flashes7/1252023-11-121
Most consecutive 9 ball flashes4/1492024-03-224
Most consecutive 10 ball flashes 1/232024-03-222
Jonny Moore's Recent Solo Records
4 club 53 in triple, single108c2024-06-072024-06-07
At home. This feels harder than it should to do cleanly.
5 ball 645 with the 4s as shoulder throws150c2024-05-282024-05-29
50 rounds. Took longer than expected to break 100 since it feels pretty solid.

6 ball 9555855100c2024-05-262024-05-26
At home with newly lightened balls. 80g - 70g. Really like this pattern
9 ball cascade54c2024-05-262024-05-27
At home after a big climbing session. First time using the lightened balls (took out 10g from each ball) turns out that made a big difference! Felt like corrections with 7. Keep arms in front, not at the sides!

6 ball async fountain in overheads53c2024-05-262024-05-27
Another small improvement at home on a few random attempts. Feels like theres still loads of room to make this solid!
6 ball 955585587c2024-05-242024-05-24
At home. Very satisfying to run this
5 ball 645 with the 4s as shoulder throws77c2024-05-242024-05-24
Dropped the 26th round.
6 ball 864150c2024-05-242024-05-24
Felt solid on a few random attempts. 50 rounds
6 ball 955585544c2024-05-222024-05-23
First time trying. Feels like I could get 100+ without too much trouble which is a nice feeling. Looks like a real nice pattern!
7 club cascade in triples18c2024-05-212024-05-22
At juggling club. Very warm and sticky meant I couldn\'t get the release very well, but managed to qualify a couple times this session. Might start bringing chalk over summer...

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