Records for 5 ball cascade blind behind the back

Difficulty: Not rated

Number of jugglers: 8
Number of records: 11
Added on 2020-06-12 by Tom Whitfield.

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5 ball cascade blind behind the back
1Jonny Moore36c 2019-11-011-0
2Eivind Dragsjo15c 2021-01-092-0
3Iver HT13c 2020-12-191-0
4Lena Schuster11c 2020-10-013-0
5Ameron Rosvall10c 2020-09-031
big norwiks, i think i might have discovered what shape i have to form my back and arms into to make it possible for me now
=5Maximilian Kuschmierz10c 2020-12-181
why is that easier then 4b bbb?
=5Owen dobbyn10c 2021-01-021-0
6Fletcher S5c 2021-04-111-0
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