Ameron Rosvall

Combined flashed: 18
Combined qualified: 18

Reputation: 100%
Country: Sweden
Joined: 2012-08-21

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Ameron Rosvall's Records
3 ball box 1/931m2007-10-061
3 ball cascade with 1 kg wrist weights 1/21h 1m (10980c)2007-04-191
3 ball eric's extension1/137m2009-06-221
3 ball mills mess 12345 variation 1/27m2008-02-251
3 club alberts 1/5499c2012-09-042
3 club backcrosses in singles 1/1215m 25s2011-01-301
3 club cascade 1/173h 2m 35s2019-03-291
3 club cascade in flats 1/1134m (6000c)2008-09-151
3 club cascade in overheads 1/410m 40s2020-03-012
3 club cascade slapbacks 1/410m2008-12-111
3 club cascade with a club balance 1/1411m 10s (2072c)2019-11-192
3 club mills mess in singles 1/615m 10s2007-07-091
3 club reverse backcrosses 1/4600c2012-08-062
3 club treblas in singles 1/54m 33s (700c)2013-02-225
3 ring cascade 1/71h 1m (9000c)2007-09-091
3 ring reverse cascade 1/31h 53m 11s2018-01-282
3 ring reverse cascade blind 1/262c2019-09-112
4 ball async blind behind the back1/1404c2019-11-083
4 ball async with 1 kg wrist weights 1/31500c2019-10-051
4 ball mills mess 2/2312m 20s (3000c)2007-12-111
4 club async in singles 1/1658m 6s (12000c)2019-05-041
4 club mills mess in singles 1/2505c2012-03-281
4 ring async 1/1548m 8s (10000c)2008-01-091
4 ring async blind 2/44c2019-04-201
4 ring async in reverse throws 1/211m 20s2008-09-131
6 club [33] cascade in singles1/1134c2020-03-311
8 ring async 1/2238c2019-12-311
Ameron Rosvall's Recent Records
6 club [33] cascade in singles134c2020-03-312020-03-31
Pretty sure this is a pb, if not, it certainly was the most relaxed this pattern ever felt. Stopped with cf
3 club cascade in overheads10m 40s2020-03-012020-03-01-
8 ring async238c2019-12-312019-12-31
32cm babache

3 club cascade in overheads4m 6s2019-12-282019-12-28
checking how it feels :)
3 club cascade with a club balance11m 10s (2072c)2019-11-192019-11-19
Foot balance :) ended by going to fountain
4 ball async blind behind the back404c2019-11-082019-11-08
Big Norwiks
4 ball async with 1 kg wrist weights1500c2019-10-052019-10-05
1.5kg wrist weights 130g beanbags
3 club cascade with a club balance6m 21s (1183c)2019-10-042019-10-04
Foot balance :) catches estimated

3 ring reverse cascade blind62c2019-09-112019-09-11-
4 ball async blind behind the back46c2019-05-262019-05-26
130g beanbags
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