Records for 4 ball 525 mills mess variation

Difficulty: Not rated

Number of jugglers: 6
Number of records: 10
Added on 2012-08-23 by Tom Whitfield.

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4 ball 525 mills mess variation
1Maximilian Kuschmierz4m 26s (1000c) 2020-11-274
catches estimated, sorry Ameron, can´t let oyu have it without a fight ;)
2Ameron Rosvall3m 38s 2020-11-262
2\'s in crossed over arm position
3Dominik Braun2m 2018-05-241-0
4Aaron S120c 2021-01-141-0
5jernqvist50c 2017-11-231-0
6ilia poliakov12c 2014-11-161-0
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