Records for 3 club chops in singles

Difficulty: Not rated

Number of jugglers: 12
Number of records: 19
Added on 2012-08-23 by Tom Whitfield.

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3 club chops in singles
1Ameron Rosvall5m 20s 2021-02-281
Stopped deliberately and all that. Performed this trick in 2005 for Östersunds Youth Circus spring show. Probably the first time I juggled on video too.
2Jack Kalvan2m 22s 2021-01-152
video on phone
3Aaron S2m 20s (300c) 2021-05-291-0
4Eivind Dragsjo1m 38s 2009-12-222-0
5ilia poliakov165c 2020-11-272-0
6Rohan K112c 2021-04-091-0
7Juggleo100c 2021-02-081-0
8hirskontra78c 2021-04-215-0
9Jimmy Robertson47c 2020-12-211-0
10Maximilian Kuschmierz42c 2021-02-091-0
11jigjug21c 2014-10-261
Todd Smith Basic Elans
12Owen dobbyn8c 2021-04-101-0
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