Records for 6 ball async fountain in overheads

Difficulty: Not rated

Number of jugglers: 10
Number of records: 14
Added on 2012-08-23 by Tom Whitfield.

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6 ball async fountain in overheads
1Maximilian Kuschmierz54c 2019-08-312-0
2Bar Mualem46c 2008-02-081-0
3Jack Denger38c 2021-04-082-0
4Andrea Borini10c 2016-09-022-0
5James Hennigan8c 2017-02-101
Starting from the right hand. At Belfast. Using Norwiks.
6calebstockwell7c 2014-07-292-0
7Mats16c 2009-09-111-0
=7Robert LeBoeuf6c 2020-11-171-0
=7ilia poliakov6c 2018-09-051-0
=7Aaron S6c 2021-09-041-0
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