Jos Tipker

Hi! I am Jos, a enthusiastic juggler from the Netherlands. I peform for a living. Combining juggling with magic and balloon twisting and jokes, I have created myself a dream job! If you are traveling to the northern part of the Netherlands contact me if you want to crash my couch. - ..follow your heart and juggle with your life..

Combined flashed: 19
Combined qualified: 16

Reputation: 99%
Country: Netherlands
Joined: 2021-03-18

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Jos Tipker's is a member of the public group: Road to 4 ball Mills Mess.
Jos Tipker's Solo Patterns
1 ball 14/7200c2021-04-141
2 ball 1 hand 40 with a ball spin on free hand 2/741c2021-04-224
2 ball 1 hand async fountain9/7915m 50s2021-04-073
2 ball 1 hand columns4/2111m2021-04-072
2 club 1 hand async fountain in doubles13/3096c2021-04-282
2 club 1 hand columns in doubles8/921c2021-03-191
2 ring 1 hand async fountain 3/40798c2021-03-181
2 ring 1 hand async fountain in outside throws8/1176c2021-03-181
2 ring 1 hand async fountain laying down 2/513c2021-12-082
3 ball 1 hand async fountain46/5510c2021-03-311
3 ball 1 hand columns5/1260c2021-03-222
3 ball 3 half shower4/8521m 45s2021-04-053
3 ball 42313/604m 35s2021-12-123
3 ball 423 with penguin catches 2/3106c2021-04-241
3 ball 44112/717m2021-04-084
3 ball 5044/11300c2021-04-226
3 ball 53111/532m 50s2021-09-077
3 ball 55117/15248c2021-12-087
3 ball 555008/23570c2021-04-053
3 ball 55500 in outside throws 2/4210c2021-03-312
3 ball 5314414/81008c2021-04-135
3 ball 44155500 2/6672c2021-04-062
3 ball backcrosses32/4733c2022-02-0712
3 ball boston mess7/131m 56s (468c)2021-04-044
3 ball box16/592m 15s2021-04-143
3 ball box in penguin catches 2/466c2021-04-282
3 ball cascade20/12736m 10s2021-03-273
3 ball cascade blind19/44150c2021-03-202
3 ball cascade blind behind the back9/281m 26s2021-12-216
3 ball cascade in half contortionist4/960c2021-09-076
3 ball cascade in overheads11/30330c2021-04-065
3 ball cascade in overheads blind 3/43c2021-03-261
3 ball cascade laying down 3/12540c2021-03-202
3 ball cascade pinball 3/104m2021-04-146
3 ball cascade with a club balanced on the foot3/38c2021-03-273
3 ball cascade with a club balanced on the head15/2690c2021-12-0814
3 ball cascade with clawed catches4/21830c2021-03-201
3 ball cascade with forked catches 2/636c2021-03-202
3 ball cascade with penguin catches7/26144c2021-04-2012
3 ball high low shower9/231m 25s2021-04-223
3 ball mills mess12/925m 40s2021-04-133
3 ball reverse cascade11/907m 40s2021-04-153
3 ball shower6/938m 40s2021-04-213
3 ball shower blind9/1644c2021-03-261
3 ball shower in overheads 2/648c2021-03-261
3 ball shower with a club balanced on the head5/730c2021-04-053
3 ball shower with penguin catches4/674c2022-02-233
3 ball slams 1/72m 13s (558c)2021-04-082
3 ball tennis 3/2915m 14s2021-04-112
3 ball windmill7/192m 38s2021-04-114
3 ball windmill blind 1/226c2021-03-262
3 bounce ball lift cascade7/710c2021-04-051
3 club 44116/28147c2021-04-304
3 club 555009/1172c2021-04-175
3 club backcrosses in doubles24/273c2021-12-081
3 club cascade in doubles16/55202c2021-04-123
3 club cascade in flats27/48101c2021-04-285
3 club cascade in reverse singles6/16147c2021-05-124
3 club cascade in singles37/906m 50s2021-04-162
3 club cascade in triples20/2760c2021-05-203
3 club cascade on a rola bola 3/5100c2021-04-302
3 club cascade with a club balanced on the head31/379c2022-05-033
3 club cascade with arms crossed7/824c2021-03-191
3 club mills mess in singles21/2533c2022-05-021
3 club shower14/2394c2021-04-191
3 club windmill7/78c2021-04-281
3 ring 3 half shower11/34192c2021-03-191
3 ring 44111/18114c2021-03-201
3 ring 5318/1150c2021-04-201
3 ring 55500 2/9639c2021-09-232
3 ring cascade21/654m 50s2021-04-142
3 ring cascade in pancakes15/29105c2021-04-203
3 ring cascade laying down 2/355c2021-04-221
3 ring cascade with a club balanced on the head5/623c2021-12-084
3 ring cascade with arms crossed6/650c2021-09-232
3 ring reverse cascade19/35135c2021-04-201
3 ring shower9/13120c2021-04-201
3 ring tennis11/15180c2021-03-191
4 ball (6,6)(2x,2x)8/884c2021-03-243
4 ball (6x,6x)(2x,2x)4/416c2021-04-061
4 ball 535/16214c2021-04-222
4 ball 53433/59147c2021-09-145
4 ball 55217/36190c2021-04-064
4 ball 63325/46111c2021-04-1911
4 ball 66011/21114c2021-04-011
4 ball 5344 2/101m 38s2021-04-165
4 ball 555117/40252c2021-04-094
4 ball 73338/1684c2022-02-235
4 ball 753123/4028c2021-09-233
4 ball 5551421/2815c2021-04-141
4 ball 5555013/31224c2021-04-283
4 ball 933333 3/917c2021-05-111
4 ball async fountain43/1265m 15s (1176c)2021-04-073
4 ball async fountain blind15/215c2021-03-181
4 ball async fountain in outside throws10/19168c2021-04-142
4 ball async fountain laying down6/924c2021-04-293
4 ball async fountain pinball8/924c2021-04-092
4 ball async fountain with a club balanced on the head19/2610c2022-02-073
4 ball async fountain with penguin catches10/124c2021-04-141
4 ball shower29/66184c2021-04-191
4 ball sync fountain24/942m 42s (680c)2021-03-213
4 ball sync fountain in outside throws9/16108c2021-03-201
4 ball sync fountain laying down 2/334c2021-03-242
4 ball sync fountain pinball 1/260c2021-04-113
4 ball sync fountain with a club balanced on the head7/810c2021-05-121
4 ball sync fountain with arms crossed 2/36c2021-03-252
4 ball tennis4/16450c2021-04-163
4 club 555507/76c2021-05-104
4 club async fountain in doubles52/7364c2022-02-239
4 club sync fountain in doubles30/3913c2021-08-042
4 ring 537/732c2021-10-261
4 ring 633 3/418c2021-10-112
4 ring 55514/652c2021-04-222
4 ring async fountain20/62412c2021-04-223
4 ring async fountain in outside throws 3/420c2021-04-221
4 ring async fountain in pancakes13/146c2021-04-221
4 ring sync fountain17/41164c2021-04-222
4 ring sync fountain in outside throws 3/444c2021-04-221
5 ball (6x,4)*48/5523c2021-11-163
5 ball 5 half shower13/29140c2021-05-127
5 ball 77777009/1115c2021-05-182
5 ball cascade90/1832m 20s2021-09-079
5 ball cascade laying down 3/57c2021-04-293
5 ball cascade on a rola bola10/1010c2021-04-291
5 ball cascade with a club balanced on the head23/365c2021-05-121
5 ball reverse cascade26/5250c2021-04-202
5 club cascade in doubles70/886c2021-05-101
5 ring cascade38/7090c2021-10-115
5 ring cascade on a rola bola 2/315c2021-04-301
6 ball async fountain83/12518c2021-05-104
6 ball sync fountain30/7048c2021-09-223
6 ball sync fountain laying down 1/28c2021-04-291
6 ring async fountain37/526c2021-04-201
7 ball cascade97/13815c2021-05-105
8 ball sync fountain17/578c2021-04-201
Longest time with a club balanced on the head9/236m 35s2021-04-087
Longest time with a club balanced on the head isolated4/61m 26s2021-03-201
Longest time with a head bounce7/1143b2021-03-292
Most connected 2 ball in one hand 2 up 360s 3/892021-05-123
Most connected 3 ball 3 up 360s7/1652021-12-224
Jos Tipker's Recent Solo Records
3 club cascade with a club balanced on the head9c2022-05-032022-05-03-
3 club mills mess in singles33c2022-05-022022-05-02-
4 club async fountain in doubles64c2022-02-232022-02-23-
4 ball 733384c2022-02-232022-02-23-
3 ball shower with penguin catches74c2022-02-232022-02-23-
4 club async fountain in doubles52c2022-02-092022-02-09-
4 ball async fountain with a club balanced on the head10c2022-02-072022-02-07-
3 ball backcrosses33c2022-02-072022-02-07-
3 ball backcrosses30c2022-01-262022-01-26-
3 ball backcrosses23c2021-12-292021-12-29-
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