Alex Lubker

Combined flashed: 23
Combined qualified: 20

Reputation: 100%
Country: United States of America
Joined: 2013-01-21

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Alex Lubker's Patterns
3 ball cascade 1/1152h 46m 30s (30470c)2007-11-021
3 ball cascade with a club balanced on the head 2/241082c2007-08-291
3 club cascade in singles8/8145m (7682c)2007-09-071
3 club cascade with a club balanced on the head 1/331147c2007-10-031
3 ring cascade4/6057m 30s (8678c)2007-08-241
4 ball async fountain4/11238m 30s (7929c)2007-09-281
4 ball async fountain with a club balanced on the head 1/241656c2007-09-121
4 club async fountain in doubles9/701460c2008-02-031
4 ring async fountain7/618m 13s (1533c)2007-08-061
4 ring sync fountain in overheads 1/2116c2008-04-071
5 ball cascade33/16510m 23s2012-02-252
5 ball cascade with a club balanced on the head 3/31517c2007-11-041
5 club cascade in doubles18/85262c2009-08-071
5 ring cascade15/66440c2007-08-021
6 ball async fountain15/113347c2009-10-301
6 ball sync fountain with a club balanced on the head 1/699c2008-07-211
6 club async fountain in triples25/366c2007-11-151
6 club sync fountain in triples6/116c2007-06-141
6 ring async fountain14/51108c2009-09-141
7 ball cascade41/129171c2008-04-141
7 ring cascade24/4116c2008-01-241
8 ball sync fountain11/5216c2008-01-031
8 ring sync fountain8/188c2008-02-071
9 ball cascade32/6811c2013-04-272
Alex Lubker's Recent Records
9 ball cascade11c2013-04-272013-04-28-
5 ball cascade10m 23s2012-02-252012-03-09
I broke my personal record in the 5 ball endurance contest at Austin Jugglefest. Probably more catches than my previous record (2317), but I lost count.
6 ball async fountain347c2009-10-302011-12-25-
6 ring async fountain108c2009-09-142011-12-23-
5 club cascade in doubles262c2009-08-072011-12-24-
9 ball cascade10c2008-12-172011-12-22-
6 ball sync fountain with a club balanced on the head99c2008-07-212015-06-22
Club balanced on chin
7 ball cascade171c2008-04-142011-12-25-
4 ring sync fountain in overheads116c2008-04-072015-06-22-
8 ring sync fountain8c2008-02-072011-12-25-
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