A juggler from Sweden that has decided to juggle for 10000 hours and livestream a majority of the practice sessions on Twitch.

JuggleWithTim has been juggling for 3 years and 1 month.

Combined flashed: 11
Combined qualified: 11

Reputation: 100%
Country: Sweden
Joined: 2020-12-18

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JuggleWithTim's Solo Patterns
2 ball 1 hand async fountain24/794m2021-08-051
3 ball 3 half shower56/85100c2021-08-051
3 ball 42311/607m 50s2022-04-232
3 ball 44123/712m 10s2021-08-051
3 ball 53114/531m 43s2021-08-051
3 ball backcrosses31/4734c2021-08-091
3 ball box18/592m 5s2021-08-051
3 ball cascade10/1271h 1m2020-11-072
3 ball cascade blind27/4491c2021-08-091
3 ball cascade with a club balanced on the head8/26210c2021-08-102
3 ball columns16/291m2021-08-051
3 ball mills mess17/925m 2s2021-10-272
3 ball mills mess blind9/117c2021-08-091
3 ball reverse cascade60/90100c2021-08-051
3 ball reverse cascade blind5/627c2021-08-091
3 ball shower66/93100c2021-08-051
3 ball tennis5/2912m 20s2021-08-011
4 ball 53417/591m 45s2021-08-091
4 ball 555111/401m 28s2021-08-091
4 ball async fountain81/1261m 4s2021-08-051
4 ball async fountain blind12/218c2022-04-131
4 ball async fountain with a club balanced on the head12/2680c2022-03-013
4 ball columns7/223m 21s2021-08-091
4 ball mills mess32/4895c2021-08-101
4 ball sync fountain27/942m 2s2021-08-051
4 club async fountain in doubles64/7310c2021-08-051
5 ball cascade66/1835m2022-04-035
5 ball cascade with a club balanced on the head17/3620c2021-10-181
5 ball cascade with penguin catches6/96c2022-03-091
5 ball tennis9/1640c2021-08-101
6 ball async fountain70/12547c2021-08-102
6 ball async fountain with a club balanced on the head10/156c2021-10-181
7 ball cascade86/13834c2021-11-143
Longest time with a club balanced on the head 1/232h 35m 40s2021-09-181
JuggleWithTim's Recent Solo Records
3 ball 4237m 50s2022-04-232022-04-23-
4 ball async fountain blind8c2022-04-132022-04-13-
5 ball cascade5m2022-04-032022-04-03-
5 ball cascade3m 13s2022-03-152022-03-15
Surprised myself with a 3+ min run out of nowhere
5 ball cascade with penguin catches6c2022-03-092022-03-09
Was trying to get five for a long time, got 6 accidentally

4 ball async fountain with a club balanced on the head80c2022-03-012022-03-01
Lag in the video but around 80 catches

5 ball cascade1m 41s2022-01-132022-01-13-
7 ball cascade34c2021-11-142021-11-14
4 ball async fountain with a club balanced on the head42c2021-11-132021-11-13-
3 ball mills mess5m 2s2021-10-272021-10-27-
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