A juggler from Sweden that has decided to juggle for 10000 hours and livestream a majority of the practice sessions on Twitch.

JuggleWithTim has been juggling for 2 years and 4 months.

Combined flashed: 11
Combined qualified: 11

Reputation: 99%
Country: Sweden
Joined: 2020-12-18

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2 ball 1 hand async fountain17/604m2021-08-051
3 ball 3 half shower46/66100c2021-08-051
3 ball 42324/481m 5s2021-08-051
3 ball 44119/542m 10s2021-08-051
3 ball 53113/421m 43s2021-08-051
3 ball backcrosses31/4334c2021-08-091
3 ball box18/472m 5s2021-08-051
3 ball cascade8/1041h 1m2020-11-072
3 ball cascade blind26/3891c2021-08-091
3 ball cascade with a club balanced on the head6/21210c2021-08-102
3 ball columns11/181m2021-08-051
3 ball mills mess26/712m2021-08-051
3 ball mills mess blind8/97c2021-08-091
3 ball reverse cascade48/69100c2021-08-051
3 ball reverse cascade blind4/527c2021-08-091
3 ball shower56/74100c2021-08-051
3 ball tennis4/2112m 20s2021-08-011
4 ball 53416/501m 45s2021-08-091
4 ball 55519/321m 28s2021-08-091
4 ball async fountain66/991m 4s2021-08-051
4 ball async fountain with a club balanced on the head12/2234c2021-08-091
4 ball columns6/163m 21s2021-08-091
4 ball mills mess32/4595c2021-08-101
4 ball sync fountain22/732m 2s2021-08-051
4 club async fountain in doubles55/6210c2021-08-051
5 ball cascade79/152509c2021-08-092
5 ball tennis9/1540c2021-08-101
6 ball async fountain64/10747c2021-08-102
7 ball cascade83/12428c2021-09-132
Longest time with a club balanced on the head 1/232h 35m 40s2021-09-181
JuggleWithTim's Recent Records
Longest time with a club balanced on the head2h 35m 40s2021-09-182021-09-18
1 minute short of the current Guinness WR. Might try again when neck has recovered

7 ball cascade28c2021-09-132021-09-13
5 ball tennis40c2021-08-102021-08-10-
4 ball mills mess95c2021-08-102021-08-10
6 ball async fountain47c2021-08-102021-08-10
3 ball cascade with a club balanced on the head210c2021-08-102021-08-10
4 ball async fountain with a club balanced on the head34c2021-08-092021-08-09-
4 ball columns3m 21s2021-08-092021-08-09-
4 ball 55511m 28s2021-08-092021-08-09-
3 ball backcrosses34c2021-08-092021-08-09-
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