Haavard Hvidsten

Haavard Hvidsten has been juggling for 23 years and 11 months.

Combined flashed: 27
Combined qualified: 24

Reputation: 100%
Country: Norway
Joined: 2018-12-06

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 - 12
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Haavard Hvidsten is a member of the passing teams: Borre Isac Lorange, Haavard Hvidsten, Haavard Hvidsten, Julian Saether, Haavard Hvidsten, Sabrine Rahmouni.
Haavard Hvidsten's Solo Patterns
5 ball cascade5/2121h 6m2022-03-071
5 ball cascade blind 2/1815c2022-03-071
5 ball sprung fountain inverted 1/236c2022-03-101
5 club backcrosses 2/3110c2022-03-071
6 ball (8,4)* 1/182m 32s2022-03-091
6 ball 963 1/101m 10s2022-03-071
6 ball mills mess 1/10189c2022-03-071
6 ball sprung cascade 1/6110c2022-03-071
6 club 75 in quad, double 1/2146c2023-02-021
6 club 75 in triple, double5/27146c2023-02-021
6 club 756 3/796c2022-03-081
7 ball (8x,6)* 1/51372c2022-03-091
7 ball (ax,4)* 1/2140c2022-03-071
7 ball (ax,6)(6,6)* 1/372c2022-03-131
7 ball backcrosses 1/814c2022-03-071
7 ball cascade4/1651105c2011-03-071
7 club (8x,6)* 1/428c2022-03-071
7 club cascade in triples 3/46187c2017-09-171
7 club cascade with a club balanced on the head 1/318c2022-03-071
8 ball 97 half shower 2/28160c2022-03-071
8 ball async fountain 3/118110c2022-03-071
8 ball wimpy8/47103c2023-02-021
8 club 97 in quad, triple 3/58c2023-01-251
8 ring async fountain12/4419c2023-02-031
9 ball cascade9/10867c2022-03-072
10 ball sync fountain8/3310c2023-02-031
11 ball cascade10/2511c2007-02-071
Haavard Hvidsten's Recent Solo Records
10 ball sync fountain10c2023-02-032023-02-03
9 ball cascade31c2023-02-032023-02-03
8 ring async fountain19c2023-02-032023-02-03
6 club 75 in triple, double146c2023-02-022023-02-02
6 club 75 in quad, double146c2023-02-022023-02-02
8 ball wimpy103c2023-02-022023-02-02
8 club 97 in quad, triple8c2023-01-252023-01-26
7 ball (ax,6)(6,6)*72c2022-03-132022-03-13-
5 ball sprung fountain inverted36c2022-03-102022-03-10-
7 ball (8x,6)*372c2022-03-092022-03-09-
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Haavard Hvidsten's Team Patterns
Haavard Hvidsten, Sabrine Rahmouni6 club 2 count singles 3/481pc2022-03-071
Borre Isac Lorange, Haavard Hvidsten7 club 3 count singles1/125pc2023-08-281
Borre Isac Lorange, Haavard Hvidsten7 club 4 count triples1/1202pc2023-08-281
Borre Isac Lorange, Haavard Hvidsten8 club 2 count doubles 1/7110pc2023-08-281
Borre Isac Lorange, Haavard Hvidsten8 club 2 count singles1/140pc2023-08-281
Borre Isac Lorange, Haavard Hvidsten9 club 2 count doubles2/233pc2023-08-281
Borre Isac Lorange, Haavard Hvidsten9 club 2 count triples1/133pc2023-08-281
Haavard Hvidsten, Julian Saether15 ball 1 count 1/594pc2022-03-071
Haavard Hvidsten, Julian Saether16 ball 1 count 1/550pc2022-03-071
Borre Isac Lorange, Haavard HvidstenMost catches in 1 minute of 6 club 2 count1/1144pc2023-08-281
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