David Piscoya

Combined flashed: 16
Combined qualified: 14

Reputation: 100%
Country: Peru
Joined: 2020-12-21

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David Piscoya's Solo Patterns
2 ball 1 hand async fountain46/89155c2020-12-211
3 ball (4,4)(4x,0)* in outside throws 1/510m 17s2023-08-161
3 ball 3 half shower19/991000c2020-12-211
3 ball 3604/7125c2020-12-211
3 ball 42323/68423c2020-12-211
3 ball 44120/80441c2020-12-211
3 ball 53140/61101c2020-12-211
3 ball 525124/2410m 50s2023-08-131
3 ball box45/67112c2020-12-211
3 ball cascade52/14815m 1s2020-12-211
3 ball cascade blind23/52128c2020-12-211
3 ball cascade blind behind the back5/294m 1s2023-08-073
3 ball cascade in behind the neck throws10/1953c2023-08-061
3 ball cascade in overheads15/391m 19s2023-08-191
3 ball cascade pinball 3/107m 56s2023-08-071
3 ball cascade with arms crossed4/145m 1s2023-08-131
3 ball mills mess71/108118c2020-12-211
3 ball mills mess with penguin catches 1/4214c2023-08-191
3 ball reverse cascade19/1025m 2s (1010c)2020-12-211
3 ball reverse cascade with arms crossed5/164m 21s2023-08-131
3 ball shower55/1041m 2s (301c)2020-12-211
3 ball shower in behind the neck throws3/384c2023-08-181
3 club 72222 in triples 1/6330c2021-06-011
3 club cascade in doubles6/641000c2021-06-011
3 club cascade in flats20/58203c2021-06-011
3 club cascade in singles23/10923m 34s2021-05-181
3 club cascade in triples4/361000c2021-06-011
3 club cascade on a unicycle 2/1123m 34s2021-05-181
4 ball async fountain19/14717m 28s2020-12-211
4 ball sync fountain54/111150c2020-12-211
4 club async fountain in doubles 2/861h 2m 52s2021-05-041
5 ball cascade9/21346m 16s2021-05-301
5 ball cascade isolated 3/2428m 10s2023-08-032
6 club 75 in triple, double11/2720c2023-02-141
6 club async fountain in triples23/5214c2020-11-262
7 ball cascade isolated12/2052c2021-01-051
7 club cascade in triples25/4615c2020-11-272
8 ball async fountain46/11813c2023-02-141
9 ball cascade43/1089c2023-03-051
10 ball async fountain15/457c2023-03-051
Longest time with a club balanced on the head 3/2820m 15s2021-05-262
David Piscoya's Recent Solo Records
3 ball cascade in overheads1m 19s2023-08-192023-08-19
3 ball mills mess with penguin catches214c2023-08-192023-08-19
3 ball shower in behind the neck throws84c2023-08-182023-08-19
3 ball (4,4)(4x,0)* in outside throws10m 17s2023-08-162023-08-16
3 ball 5251210m 50s2023-08-132023-08-13
3 ball cascade with arms crossed5m 1s2023-08-132023-08-13
3 ball reverse cascade with arms crossed4m 21s2023-08-132023-08-13
3 ball cascade pinball7m 56s2023-08-072023-08-08
3 ball cascade blind behind the back4m 1s2023-08-072023-08-08
3 ball cascade in behind the neck throws53c2023-08-062023-08-07
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