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Michael Fragola has been juggling for 2 years and 2 months.

Combined flashed: 14
Combined qualified: 13

Reputation: 100%
Joined: 2021-02-10

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Michael Fragola's Solo Patterns
2 ball 1 hand async fountain39/761m 6s (160c)2021-06-151
3 ball 3 half shower24/83350c2021-06-151
3 ball 423 mills mess variation7/81m 3s (148c)2021-06-151
3 ball 44133/691m 13s (350c)2021-02-121
3 ball 53133/53120c2021-06-151
3 ball 1234511/181m 50s (378c)2021-06-151
3 ball box25/59276c2021-06-151
3 ball cascade71/122867c2021-03-252
3 ball mills mess41/90194c2021-06-151
3 ball reverse cascade43/871m 3s (299c)2021-03-161
3 ball shower31/921m 52s (660c)2021-06-151
3 club cascade in singles36/887m 1s (1100c)2021-01-241
3 ring cascade42/63112c2021-02-101
3 ring cascade in pancakes26/2913c2021-03-011
3 ring reverse cascade16/351m 2s (132c)2021-06-161
4 ball 744115/2134c2021-02-211
4 ball async fountain73/122300c2021-01-071
4 ball mills mess40/4831c2021-03-271
4 ball sync fountain68/9350c2021-06-151
4 ring async fountain24/61235c2021-02-242
5 ball cascade124/178174c2021-03-3010
5 ring cascade49/7034c2021-04-053
6 ball async fountain92/1226c2021-01-061
6 ball sync fountain49/696c2021-03-261
Michael Fragola's Recent Solo Records
3 ring reverse cascade1m 2s (132c)2021-06-162021-06-16-
3 ball 3 half shower350c2021-06-152021-06-15
I didn\\\'t use a timer. Also, I did this for badge. Right hand reverse.
3 ball shower1m 52s (660c)2021-06-152021-06-15
Right hand 5s.
3 ball mills mess194c2021-06-152021-06-15-
3 ball box276c2021-06-152021-06-15
I counted each 2x as 1 and then multiplied my total by 2 to get my final amount.
3 ball 531120c2021-06-152021-06-15-
3 ball 123451m 50s (378c)2021-06-152021-06-15-
3 ball 423 mills mess variation1m 3s (148c)2021-06-152021-06-15
Not counting 2s.
2 ball 1 hand async fountain1m 6s (160c)2021-06-152021-06-15
For the badge of 50 catches. I could have gone longer, but I didn\'t want to.
4 ball sync fountain50c2021-06-152021-06-15
For the badge. I may actually try an endurance another time.
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