Paco Garcia

Where are all the jugglers from Spain?

Paco Garcia has been juggling for 9 years and 6 months.

Combined flashed: 15
Combined qualified: 15

Reputation: 100%
Country: Spain
Joined: 2021-01-08

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Paco Garcia's Solo Patterns
3 ball 3 half shower48/1141m 12s2021-01-091
3 ball 42318/754m 5s2021-01-091
3 ball 44131/862m 10s2021-01-081
3 ball 53127/661m 5s2021-01-081
3 ball 445026/91m 10s2021-01-091
3 ball box30/691m 5s2021-01-091
3 ball cascade58/17218m 20s2021-01-092
3 ball cascade in behind the neck throws15/1930c2021-01-081
3 ball cascade in overheads30/4281c2021-01-081
3 ball cascade with penguin catches20/2842c2021-01-091
3 ball mills mess68/1201m2021-01-081
3 ball reverse cascade30/1153m 25s2021-01-081
3 ball shower43/1121m 35s2021-01-081
3 ball shower with penguin catches6/728c2021-01-091
3 club 4417/38540c2021-01-091
3 club cascade in doubles31/671m 40s2021-01-081
3 club cascade in flats17/601m 50s2021-01-081
3 club cascade in singles55/1256m 48s2021-01-081
3 ring 44120/2591c2021-01-091
3 ring cascade22/865m 45s2021-01-091
4 ball 53448/74117c2021-01-091
4 ball 55219/511m 20s2021-01-091
4 ball 61522/3078c2021-01-091
4 ball async fountain82/1632m 35s2021-01-081
4 ball async fountain with a club balanced on the head24/3025c2020-07-251
4 ball sync fountain33/1212m2021-01-081
4 club async fountain in singles54/6620c2021-01-081
4 ring async fountain49/8280c2021-01-091
4 ring async fountain in pancakes 2/171m 10s2017-02-141
4 ring sync fountain20/50156c2021-01-091
5 ball 64528/711m2020-02-211
5 ball cascade83/2325m2017-05-081
5 ball cascade with a club balanced on the head28/4110c2021-01-081
7 ball cascade90/17765c2020-08-101
Longest time with a club balanced on the head7/3110m2017-04-081
Most connected 3 ball 3 up 360s8/1942021-01-091
Paco Garcia's Recent Solo Records
3 ball cascade18m 20s2021-01-092021-01-09-
3 club 441540c2021-01-092021-01-09-
3 ring 44191c2021-01-092021-01-09-
3 ring cascade5m 45s2021-01-092021-01-09-
4 ring sync fountain156c2021-01-092021-01-09-
4 ring async fountain80c2021-01-092021-01-09-
3 ball box1m 5s2021-01-092021-01-09-
3 ball 4234m 5s2021-01-092021-01-09-
3 ball 3 half shower1m 12s2021-01-092021-01-09-
3 ball cascade with penguin catches42c2021-01-092021-01-09-
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