Thomas the Minstrel

I am Robert LeBoeuf's Brother and passing partner I love to juggle, play chess, and ride the unicycle.

Thomas the Minstrel has been juggling for 4 years and 3 months.

Combined flashed: 16
Combined qualified: 15

Reputation: 99%
Country: United States of America
Joined: 2020-04-26

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Thomas the Minstrel's is a member of the public groups: 5 ball juggling, Awesome Club for Good Jugglers, My arms are everywhere except normal, Ring Jugglers.
Thomas the Minstrel's Patterns
2 ball 1 hand async fountain with clawed catches 2/11292c2020-11-203
2 ball 1 hand columns15/1584c2020-04-271
2 club 1 hand async fountain4/6100c2020-08-301
2 club 1 hand async fountain in doubles12/25100c2020-08-301
2 club 1 hand async fountain in triples3/38c2020-08-301
2 club 1 hand columns in doubles6/829c2020-04-211
2 club 1 hand columns in triples2/210c2020-08-301
2 ring 1 hand async fountain4/342m 25s (225c)2020-09-142
3 ball 3 half shower13/665m 25s2020-05-091
3 ball 245/61m 33s2020-04-271
3 ball 44137/54118c2020-09-081
3 ball 522 3/155m 15s2020-05-181
3 ball 522 in outside throws 2/51m 50s2020-09-081
3 ball 53135/429c2020-08-181
3 ball 55116/10184c2020-08-271
3 ball 5511 3/5184c2020-08-272
3 ball boston mess with clawed catches2/219c2020-10-201
3 ball cascade33/10416m2021-02-251
3 ball cascade blind behind the back23/243c2020-08-301
3 ball cascade in half contortionist9/93c2020-05-081
3 ball cascade in overheads17/23116c2020-08-292
3 ball cascade on a unicycle 2/331c2020-05-252
3 ball cascade with clawed catches8/18349c2020-08-301
3 ball mills mess41/711m2020-08-271
3 ball mills mess with clawed catches4/739c2020-10-201
3 ball random2/216m 11s2020-09-211
3 ball reverse cascade in overheads4/56c2020-08-291
3 ball reverse cascade with arms crossed4/104m 30s2020-09-192
3 ball shower11/746m 56s2020-10-062
3 ball shower in overheads4/47c2020-08-291
3 ball tennis7/213m 15s2020-08-271
3 club 72222 in triples6/666c2020-10-053
3 club backcrosses9/101c2020-08-181
3 club cascade blind7/1019c2020-06-071
3 club cascade in doubles16/44168c2020-08-301
3 club cascade in doubles with arms crossed4/420c2020-08-181
3 club cascade in flats35/419c2021-03-305
3 club cascade in singles16/7325m2020-12-312
3 club cascade in singles isolated 3/1025m2020-12-311
3 club cascade in triples13/1866c2020-10-052
3 club cascade on a unicycle5/713c2020-05-251
3 club cascade with arms crossed8/820c2020-08-181
3 club mills mess in doubles5/56c2020-08-231
3 club reverse cascade in doubles 2/7189c2020-09-293
3 club reverse cascade in doubles with arms crossed2/220c2020-08-181
3 club shower14/1749c2020-09-151
3 club shower in outside throws1/149c2020-09-151
3 club windmill 3/527c2020-06-251
3 ring 3 half shower18/27113c2020-09-141
3 ring cascade24/53198c2020-10-011
3 ring cascade blind8/94c2020-06-181
3 ring cascade in pancakes23/248c2020-10-011
3 ring cascade on a unicycle2/23c2020-09-081
3 ring reverse cascade21/31100c2020-10-011
3 ring reverse cascade in pancakes9/95c2020-10-011
3 ring tennis4/121m 40s2020-12-312
3 ring treblas 3/41c2020-10-011
4 ball ([44x],2)(2,4x) 3/5120c2020-08-181
4 ball 55224/2723c2020-08-291
4 ball 555127/3238c2020-09-072
4 ball async fountain58/99349c2020-08-302
4 ball async fountain in outside throws11/16119c2021-03-242
4 ball async fountain in overheads24/266c2020-08-292
4 ball async fountain isolated8/91m 5s2020-08-272
4 ball shower22/571m 2s (181c)2020-11-207
4 ball sync fountain50/7374c2020-09-061
4 ball sync fountain in overheads8/88c2020-08-291
4 club async fountain in doubles55/6210c2020-09-292
4 club async fountain in singles38/438c2020-08-191
4 club sync fountain in doubles24/308c2020-10-061
4 club sync fountain in singles23/257c2020-08-191
4 ring async fountain39/5636c2020-09-061
4 ring async fountain in outside throws4/46c2020-09-061
5 ball cascade102/1521m (256c)2021-01-2015
5 ball reverse cascade26/4748c2021-03-241
5 ball shower43/5619c2021-02-254
5 ball [32t] 3/4133c2020-05-275
5 ring cascade48/5919c2020-10-013
6 ball async fountain83/1077c2020-09-071
6 ball async random1/113c2021-01-192
6 ball sync fountain39/577c2020-05-212
6 ball sync random1/113c2020-10-223
6 ring sync random2/26c2020-10-011
Thomas the Minstrel's Recent Records
3 club cascade in flats9c2021-03-302021-03-30-
5 ball reverse cascade48c2021-03-242021-03-30-
4 ball async fountain in outside throws119c2021-03-242021-03-30-
3 club cascade in flats7c2021-03-182021-03-30-
3 club cascade in flats6c2021-03-172021-03-30-
3 ball cascade16m2021-02-252021-02-25-
5 ball shower19c2021-02-252021-02-25-
3 club cascade in flats4c2021-02-192021-03-30-
4 ball shower214c2021-02-142021-02-25-
5 ball cascade1m (256c)2021-01-202021-01-20
might have been 266
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