5 ball juggling Group

For any 5 Ball juggling pattern. You may now add your own patterns.

Group admins: Jack the Juggler, Maximilian Kuschmierz
Number of members: 19
Number of patterns: 19

This group is open and public
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5 ball juggling - Group Leaderboard
#Juggler1st places2nd places3rd places
1Maximilian Kuschmierz1310
2Ravi Fernando346
3Tom Whitfield151
4Robert LeBoeuf132
6Lena Schuster022
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Users in this group (19 members):

Jack the Juggler, Lena Schuster, Robert LeBoeuf, Ronald Marrero, Thomas the Minstrel, Maximilian Kuschmierz, Tom Whitfield, Luna Harran, Ravi Fernando, Asa Ekengren, Lindsey G, Taylor_Tries, Ben Mellinger, Ziablickii Aleksandr, Ethan A, Rohan K, Paco Jover, gulugulu, DrUranium

Patterns in 5 ball juggling
Pattern1st place2nd place3rd placeTotal jugglers
5 ball (6,6)(6,6)(6,0)Maximilian KuschmierzRobert LeBoeufJack the Juggler3
5 ball (6x,4)*Maximilian KuschmierzTom WhitfieldRavi Fernando8
5 ball ([44],[44])(4,0) columnsRobert LeBoeufPaco JoverJack the Juggler3
5 ball 1 hand async fountainTom WhitfieldMaximilian KuschmierzRavi Fernando7
5 ball 64Maximilian KuschmierzRobert LeBoeufRavi Fernando5
5 ball 73 half showerMaximilian KuschmierzJack the Juggler, Paco Jover & Lena SchusterRavi Fernando5
5 ball 645Maximilian KuschmierzTom WhitfieldRavi Fernando7
5 ball 744Maximilian KuschmierzLena SchusterRavi Fernando7
5 ball 97531Maximilian KuschmierzTom WhitfieldLena Schuster7
5 ball 757515Maximilian Kuschmierz--1
5 ball cascadeMaximilian KuschmierzRavi FernandoRobert LeBoeuf16
5 ball cascade blindDrUraniumJack the Juggler & Ravi FernandoLena Schuster6
5 ball cascade isolatedMaximilian KuschmierzDrUraniumRobert LeBoeuf7
5 ball four tier showerRavi Fernando--1
5 ball high low showerRavi FernandoTom WhitfieldRohan K3
5 ball mills messMaximilian KuschmierzRavi FernandoRohan K4
5 ball one high two low showerMaximilian KuschmierzRavi Fernando-2
5 ball reverse cascadeMaximilian KuschmierzRobert LeBoeufTom Whitfield8
5 ball showerRavi FernandoTom WhitfieldRohan K7
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