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Hello! I'm an enthusiast for juggling, botany, nature, math, science, and many other things. I've been juggling since age 10(ish?), but only seriously since Spring 2019. I'm particularly fond of weird theoretical tricks, 3b/4b tech, and numbers. My props of choice are balls (10 cent homemade walmart russians or beanbags), but I have been known to practice some club tricks and occasionally rings. Particularly inspired by Kouta Ohashi, Mike Moore, and Andrew Olson. I enjoy coming up with unique tricks (such as ceiling fan rings). I go by GC or GruntingCrunchy online.

Lindsey G has been juggling for 5 years and 3 months.

Combined flashed: 20
Combined qualified: 18

Reputation: 100%
Country: United States of America
Joined: 2021-01-02

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Lindsey G's Solo Patterns
2 ball 1 hand async fountain65/102112c2021-01-021
2 club 1 hand async fountain in doubles27/3650c2021-01-041
3 ball (2,4)(2,4x)(2x,4)5/8787c2019-10-181
3 ball (4,2) 3/8792c2019-10-181
3 ball (4,4)(4,0)5/20930c2019-09-121
3 ball (4,4)(4x,0)*4/14866c2019-10-181
3 ball 1 hand async fountain35/7458c2019-09-182
3 ball 3 half shower50/114204c2021-01-021
3 ball 423 mills mess variation6/9346c2019-10-251
3 ball 44119/86498c2019-10-181
3 ball 45129/14314c2019-10-251
3 ball 445027/9737c2019-10-181
3 ball 451415/7409c2019-10-251
3 ball 53505302/2256c2019-09-112
3 ball 441555005/8300c2019-10-251
3 ball 551505303/368c2019-09-101
3 ball box23/69408c2019-10-182
3 ball cascade45/17326m 25s (5200c)2021-03-053
3 ball chops 1/6810c2019-09-121
3 ball inverted box8/15120c2020-08-101
3 ball mills mess6/1202865c2019-09-101
3 ball reverse cascade79/116102c2021-01-021
3 ball shower inverted4/5105c2021-01-021
3 ball windmill7/24665c2019-09-121
3 club cascade in doubles42/68104c2021-01-051
3 club cascade in flats28/61103c2021-01-051
3 club cascade in halfs13/20150c2021-01-051
4 ball (6,6)(2x,2x)8/11138c2021-01-021
4 ball 1 hand async fountain31/607c2019-09-091
4 ball 53 half shower28/42121c2021-01-052
4 ball 53435/74211c2021-01-022
4 ball 534 mills mess variation13/25156c2021-01-051
4 ball 55223/51240c2021-01-021
4 ball 61521/31107c2021-01-052
4 ball 63338/5838c2021-01-061
4 ball 74117/28101c2021-01-061
4 ball 64519/13103c2021-01-051
4 ball 753134/5216c2019-10-062
4 ball 5555022/40154c2021-01-021
4 ball async fountain48/1641583c2019-10-181
4 ball chops 2/392c2021-01-052
4 ball mills mess37/62117c2019-09-235
4 ball shower43/80133c2021-01-052
4 ball sprung cascade22/2940c2021-01-071
4 ball sync fountain53/122213c2021-01-021
4 ball tennis9/21150c2021-01-021
4 club async fountain in doubles75/9431c2021-01-041
4 club sync fountain in doubles38/5016c2021-01-041
5 ball (6,4x)*28/3513c2021-01-101
5 ball (6x,4)*35/72170c2020-12-092
5 ball (6x,4x) half shower25/3524c2021-01-073
5 ball 1 hand async fountain16/455c2019-09-091
5 ball 64553/7248c2021-01-101
5 ball 74448/8453c2021-01-082
5 ball 6666132/5147c2021-01-063
5 ball 9753140/715c2019-09-101
5 ball cascade113/234503c2021-02-1610
5 ball chops3/36c2019-10-181
5 ball reverse cascade47/5810c2019-09-111
5 ball shower41/7238c2021-01-162
5 ball [62]255/525c2019-09-101
5 club cascade in doubles85/11910c2021-01-041
5 ring cascade73/9110c2019-09-101
6 ball async fountain90/16252c2021-01-095
6 ball b9753119/446c2021-01-281
6 ball shower31/456c2019-09-181
6 ball sync fountain48/9021c2019-10-282
6 ball wimpy40/5532c2020-10-292
6 ball [33]26/3368c2020-10-291
6 ring async fountain48/696c2019-09-101
7 ball cascade100/17742c2021-01-2310
8 ball async fountain44/12616c2021-02-202
8 ball sync fountain13/7316c2021-02-186
9 ball cascade41/11712c2021-02-273
Lindsey G's Recent Solo Records
3 ball cascade26m 25s (5200c)2021-03-052021-03-05
fun post-vaccine observation waiting period
9 ball cascade12c2021-02-272021-02-28
9 ball cascade10c2021-02-252021-02-26
Making quick progress! Close to 11c a few times and had a neat run of 13 throws

8 ball async fountain16c2021-02-202021-02-20
Happy with this :)

8 ball sync fountain16c2021-02-182021-02-19
...was not expecting this

5 ball cascade503c2021-02-162021-02-16
I think my props are a bit too heavy

6 ball b975316c2021-01-282021-01-29-
7 ball cascade42c2021-01-232021-01-23
Newly made second-edition russians

5 ball shower38c2021-01-162021-01-17
O__O New Russians are incredible for shower
7 ball cascade40c2021-01-152021-01-17-
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