Siteswap Surpreme Group

For any and all lovers of the pure mathematical way of juggling. You may request every siteswap to be added but only siteswap! No bodythrows, spins, halfshower etc allowed.

Group admins: Maximilian Kuschmierz, Tom Whitfield
Number of members: 13
Number of patterns: 44

This group is open and public
Pattern requests must be approved

Siteswap Surpreme - Group Leaderboard
#Juggler1st places2nd places3rd places
1Maximilian Kuschmierz4110
2Ravi Fernando2612
3Tom Whitfield1143
4Robert LeBoeuf091
6Luna Harran020
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Users in this group (13 members):

Maximilian Kuschmierz, Robert LeBoeuf, Luna Harran, Tom Whitfield, Ravi Fernando, Lindsey G, edvardnaarstad, Isaac Brzozka, gulugulu, Jack the Juggler, Florian Lange, Wikijongleria, EMC

Patterns in Siteswap Surpreme
Pattern1st place2nd place3rd placeTotal jugglers
4 ball 534Maximilian KuschmierzRobert LeBoeufRavi Fernando8
4 ball 6451Maximilian KuschmierzRobert LeBoeufedvardnaarstad4
4 ball 7333Maximilian KuschmierzRobert LeBoeufFlorian Lange & EMC6
4 ball 7441Maximilian KuschmierzRavi FernandoRobert LeBoeuf7
4 ball 7531Maximilian KuschmierzRavi Fernandoedvardnaarstad8
4 ball 64514Maximilian KuschmierzRobert LeBoeuf-2
4 ball 74414Maximilian KuschmierzLuna Harran-2
4 ball 645153Maximilian KuschmierzRobert LeBoeuf-2
4 ball 1234567Maximilian KuschmierzRobert LeBoeufRavi Fernando3
4 ball b01Ravi Fernando--1
5 ball (6x,4)*Maximilian KuschmierzTom WhitfieldRavi Fernando9
5 ball 645Maximilian KuschmierzTom WhitfieldRavi Fernando8
5 ball 663Maximilian KuschmierzIsaac BrzozkaTom Whitfield6
5 ball 744Maximilian KuschmierzRavi FernandoTom Whitfield8
5 ball 753Maximilian KuschmierzTom WhitfieldIsaac Brzozka6
5 ball 85525Maximilian Kuschmierzedvardnaarstad-2
5 ball 97531Maximilian KuschmierzTom WhitfieldFlorian Lange9
5 ball 8447561Maximilian KuschmierzRobert LeBoeuf-2
5 ball 8448641Maximilian Kuschmierz--1
5 ball 81717178Ravi FernandoLuna Harranedvardnaarstad3
6 ball (8x,4x)*Maximilian Kuschmierz--1
6 ball (8x,6)(4,6x)Maximilian KuschmierzRobert LeBoeufedvardnaarstad3
6 ball (8x,6)(4,6x)*Maximilian Kuschmierz--1
6 ball 756Maximilian KuschmierzTom Whitfieldedvardnaarstad8
6 ball 774Maximilian KuschmierzTom WhitfieldRavi Fernando5
6 ball 855Maximilian KuschmierzTom WhitfieldRavi Fernando5
6 ball 864Maximilian KuschmierzRavi FernandoTom Whitfield3
6 ball 945Maximilian Kuschmierz--1
6 ball 9753Maximilian Kuschmierzedvardnaarstad-2
6 ball 75756Maximilian Kuschmierzedvardnaarstad-2
6 ball 75855Maximilian KuschmierzRobert LeBoeuf-2
6 ball 97581Maximilian Kuschmierz--1
6 ball 9669615Maximilian Kuschmierz--1
6 ball b97531Maximilian KuschmierzTom WhitfieldFlorian Lange8
6 ball b975316Maximilian KuschmierzTom Whitfield-2
7 ball (8,6x)*Maximilian KuschmierzTom WhitfieldRavi Fernando4
7 ball (8x,6)*Tom WhitfieldMaximilian KuschmierzRavi Fernando7
7 ball 867Maximilian KuschmierzTom WhitfieldRavi Fernando6
7 ball 885Maximilian KuschmierzTom WhitfieldRavi Fernando3
7 ball 966Maximilian KuschmierzTom WhitfieldRavi Fernando3
7 ball 975Maximilian KuschmierzRavi Fernando-2
7 ball 9789781Maximilian Kuschmierz--1
7 ball db97531Maximilian KuschmierzRavi Fernando & edvardnaarstad-3
8 ball 978Maximilian KuschmierzTom WhitfieldRavi Fernando & edvardnaarstad4
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