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Most of my records on this website were imported from the IJDB or Juggling Edge-they were set many years ago. However, I still work on improving these juggling patterns from time to time. You can find me on reddit, instagram, youtube, venmo, etc as, "bouncejuggle." Most of my time juggling is spent helping others learn and improve their juggling. However, I also enjoy working on combining ball and bounce juggling, and club passing. I also enjoy performing or sharing my art in the park or with the public. I spent a lot of time working on numbers-ish club passing (I've done 2 person 10 club passing in 3 patterns), and numbers bounce passing (max 15 balls bounce passing and 11 ball toss passing. I have a BS in education (comes in handy for teaching juggling). 2011-present certified by the International Jugglers' Association to teach juggling to kids (YEP Rep). IJA Board member 2013-2016. Former 5 ball lift bounce juggling world record holder.

Jared Davis has been juggling for 22 years and 8 months.

Combined flashed: 12
Combined qualified: 12

Reputation: 100%
Country: United States of America
Joined: 2018-11-15

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Jared Davis's Solo Patterns
4 ball 1 hand async fountain27/5612c2011-06-241
4 ball async fountain in overheads17/36170c2004-10-251
4 ball one high two low shower6/15102c2007-04-174
4 ball shower23/78304c2006-12-214
4 club 53 in double, single 3/15504c2009-09-173
4 club 53 in triple, single 3/121m 57s (267c)2022-03-221
4 club async fountain in doubles45/89178c2007-10-312
5 ball (6x,4)*44/70130c2007-08-056
5 ball 5 half shower10/35280c2013-01-293
5 ball 64540/69117c2013-01-293
5 ball 74435/81120c2007-07-234
5 ball 74456/12136c2021-09-263
5 ball cascade30/21915m2015-05-081
5 ball high low shower17/2848c2007-10-062
5 ball shower17/69164c2006-08-102
5 bounce ball lift cascade 1/1341m 21s2019-04-211
5 club 732/236c2015-05-311
5 club cascade in doubles44/113127c2008-03-137
6 ball async fountain69/155102c2021-04-219
7 ball cascade90/17161c2022-10-013
7 bounce ball lift cascade 2/41m 1s (380c)2022-08-181
Jared Davis's Recent Solo Records
7 ball cascade61c2022-10-012022-10-02
Flying Clipper LD Pros
7 bounce ball lift cascade1m 1s (380c)2022-08-182021-04-30
gforce bounce balls 2.5\"

4 club 53 in triple, single1m 57s (267c)2022-03-222021-11-04
You can hear another juggler in the video asking me questions and trying to distract me. What do you fellow juggling-record jugglers do about jugglers distracting you when you are trying really difficult endurance runs?

5 ball 7445136c2021-09-262021-09-27
I had a new personal record of 34 rounds with my friend Broso\'s LED footbags. This run was recorded after that run of 34 rounds. This was the best run I could get afterwards so it is only 20 something rounds. If you\'re looking for some LED juggling be

6 ball async fountain102c2021-04-212021-04-22
LD Pro Balls

5 ball 7445105c2020-01-142020-01-15
ld pros
5 ball 744556c2019-07-302019-07-30
Flying Clippers
5 bounce ball lift cascade41m 21s2019-04-212021-04-30
gforce bounce balls

5 club 7336c2015-05-312016-12-24
Set in 2007
5 ball cascade15m2015-05-082016-12-24
Set in 2007
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Jared Davis's Team Patterns
Jared Davis, Yonah Radousky9 club 2 count doubles 1/21m (130pc)2021-12-121
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