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Most of my records on this website were imported from the IJDB or Juggling Edge; they were set many years ago. Most of my time juggling has been spent on 5 ball endurance and some 5 ball tricks. I also spent a lot of time working on numbers-ish club passing. Unfortunately, due to a wrist injury, I cannot throw doubles out of my left hand with clubs anymore. So, nowadays I mainly practice bounce juggling and tricks that mix bounce and toss juggling. I also enjoy helping people learn to pass or learn other new juggling tricks. I have the goal of attending each of the juggling festivals in the US at least once. Fortunately, I only lack about 5! I have attended approximately 75 different juggling festivals, and about 35 different juggling clubs around the country during my travels. I hope to start attending EJC every year (I went to EJC in 2004). If you're a juggler and reading this, I hope to meet you at a juggling event some day

Jared Davis has been juggling for 19 years and 7 months.

Combined flashed: 13
Combined qualified: 12

Reputation: 100%
Country: United States of America
Joined: 2018-11-15

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Jared Davis's Patterns
4 ball 1 hand async17/2912c2011-06-241
4 ball async in overheads9/18170c2004-10-251
4 ball one high two low shower 2/6102c2007-04-174
4 ball shower17/41304c2006-12-214
4 club 53 double single 1/6504c2009-09-173
4 club 53 half shower 2/8400c2008-04-093
4 club async in doubles26/46178c2007-10-312
5 ball (6x,4)*26/36130c2007-08-056
5 ball 5 half shower5/18280c2013-01-293
5 ball 64531/41117c2013-01-293
5 ball 74426/45120c2007-07-234
5 ball 74454/4105c2020-01-142
5 ball cascade19/11115m2015-05-081
5 ball high low shower11/1748c2007-10-062
5 ball shower12/43164c2006-08-102
5 club 732/236c2015-05-311
5 club cascade in doubles30/65127c2008-03-137
6 ball async48/8197c2008-04-078
6 club 75 half shower4/46c2010-05-251
7 ball cascade63/10054c2007-10-302
Jared Davis's Recent Records
5 ball 7445105c2020-01-142020-01-15
ld pros
5 ball 744556c2019-07-302019-07-30
Flying Clippers
5 club 7336c2015-05-312016-12-24
Set in 2007
5 ball cascade15m2015-05-082016-12-24
Set in 2007
5 ball 5 half shower280c2013-01-292016-12-24
I ran the pattern for 60 seconds; I juggle a 5 ball half shower really low. I didn't count my catches, but it was 60 seconds on the dot. This record was set on 1/28/2013
5 ball 645117c2013-01-292016-12-24
Set on 1/28/2013 with 2.5" Flanny Bags
4 ball 1 hand async12c2011-06-242016-12-24-
6 club 75 half shower6c2010-05-252016-12-24
2nd attempt all time
4 club 53 double single504c2009-09-172016-12-24
95mm renegades
4 club 53 half shower400c2008-04-092016-12-24
This record is for triple singles with 4 clubs. This record was set with Renegade 95s. This record was imported from the IJDB.
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