Records for 5 ball 7445

Difficulty: Not rated

Number of jugglers: 7
Number of records: 13
Added on 2012-09-17 by Tom Whitfield.

5 ball 7445
1Maximilian Kuschmierz816c 2020-04-292
Tom the mega beast took this record so i went straight to getting it back!
2Tom Whitfield448c 2020-04-273-0
3Christoph CCK316c 2012-09-081-0
4Jared Davis136c 2021-09-263
I had a new personal record of 34 rounds with my friend Broso\'s LED footbags. This run was recorded after that run of 34 rounds. This was the best run I could get afterwards so it is only 20 something rounds. If you\'re looking for some LED juggling be

5James Hennigan120c 2016-02-101
30 rounds on both sides. Quite easy. No foot movement. Could have gone longer. At DIT.
6edvardnaarstad14c 2021-05-062-0
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