Ziablickii Aleksandr

Combined flashed: 15
Combined qualified: 12

Reputation: 100%
Country: Russian Federation
Joined: 2020-12-02

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 - 4
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Ziablickii Aleksandr's is a member of the public groups: 5 ball juggling, Juggling school OGO.
Ziablickii Aleksandr's Solo Patterns
3 ball (6x,4)(2,0)(2,4)* 1/54m 26s2022-01-132
3 ball 531 1/5318m 55s2022-03-0114
3 ball 12345 1/1828m 31s2022-06-076
3 ball 531441 1/87m 37s2022-06-141
3 ball backcrosses39/476c2022-02-151
3 ball box14/592m 27s (504c)2021-08-262
3 ball cascade in half contortionist7/928c2021-08-162
3 ball cascade in overheads27/3072c2022-02-082
3 ball high low shower13/23282c2022-04-075
3 club 531 with the 1s as backcrosses3/312c2022-03-242
3 club cascade in flat fronts 3/585c2021-04-203
3 club cascade in reverse singles13/1630c2021-04-121
3 club cascade on a unicycle9/1010c2021-08-222
3 club cascade slapbacks11/115c2021-04-121
3 club cascade with a club balanced on the head15/37170c2021-03-284
3 club cascade with a ring balanced on the head 3/523c2021-01-223
3 club cascade with a ring on ankle with a club balanced on the head1/13c2021-03-221
3 club shower in flat fronts6/754c2021-05-133
3 ring 423 columns9/1189c2021-05-171
4 ball 5311/1698c2021-09-133
4 ball 53435/59138c2022-06-146
4 ball 63333/4640c2022-05-267
4 ball 753122/4032c2022-03-036
4 ball mills mess41/4818c2021-05-051
4 club 5315/1734c2021-04-061
4 club 555110/1420c2021-05-272
5 ball (6x,4x)4/419c2022-04-072
5 ball cascade105/183340c2021-11-144
5 club cascade in doubles69/889c2020-11-261
7 ball cascade101/1389c2021-05-272
Ziablickii Aleksandr's Recent Solo Records
4 ball 534138c2022-06-142022-06-16
3 ball 5314417m 37s2022-06-142022-06-14
I got a little distracted and broke the record

3 ball 1234528m 31s2022-06-072022-06-07
Wow! I do this!

4 ball 63340c2022-05-262022-05-26
3 ball 1234515m 8s2022-05-182022-05-18
5 ball (6x,4x)19c2022-04-072022-04-07
3 ball high low shower282c2022-04-072022-04-07
3 club 531 with the 1s as backcrosses12c2022-03-242022-03-24
3 club 531 with the 1s as backcrosses9c2022-03-172022-03-17
5 ball (6x,4x)13c2022-03-172022-03-17
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