Ball Numbers Group

Group admin: Tom Whitfield
Number of members: 5
Number of patterns: 7

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Ball Numbers - Group Leaderboard
#Juggler1st places2nd places3rd places
1Tom Whitfield500
3Alex McGillivray012
5Dave Leahy001
Users in this group (5 members):

Dave Leahy, Danwood, Lukedaviesss, Alex McGillivray, Tom Whitfield

Patterns in Ball Numbers
Pattern1st place2nd place3rd placeTotal jugglers
8 ball asyncTom WhitfieldAlex McGillivrayDave Leahy5
9 ball cascadeTom WhitfieldDanwoodAlex McGillivray5
10 ball asyncTom WhitfieldDanwoodLukedaviesss5
11 ball cascadeTom WhitfieldDanwoodAlex McGillivray & Lukedaviesss5
12 ball asyncTom WhitfieldDanwood-2
13 ball cascade---0
14 ball async---0
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