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Number of members: 15
Number of patterns: 8

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Ball Numbers - Group Leaderboard
#Juggler1st places2nd places3rd places
1Tom Whitfield700
2Dylan Tweed132
4Maximilian Kuschmierz020
5Domenyk La Terra010
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Users in this group (15 members):

Dave Leahy, Lukedaviesss, Alex McGillivray, Tom Whitfield, Danwood, Dylan Tweed, Maximilian Kuschmierz, edvardnaarstad, Mathis Brisson, Valendelrio13, Ravi Fernando, Teh Yi Shern, Domenyk La Terra, Rohan K, Jack the Juggler

Patterns in Ball Numbers
Pattern1st place2nd place3rd placeTotal jugglers
8 ball async fountainTom WhitfieldMaximilian KuschmierzDylan Tweed14
8 ball sync fountainTom WhitfieldMaximilian KuschmierzDylan Tweed9
9 ball cascadeTom WhitfieldDomenyk La TerraDanwood14
10 ball async fountainTom WhitfieldDanwood & Dylan TweedLukedaviesss13
11 ball cascadeTom WhitfieldDylan TweedDanwood9
12 ball async fountainTom WhitfieldDylan TweedDanwood & Alex McGillivray5
13 ball cascadeDylan Tweed, Tom Whitfield & Danwood--3
14 ball async fountain---0
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