Records for 5 ball four tier shower ss: f1b17131

Difficulty: Not rated

Number of jugglers: 7
Number of records: 9
Added on 2012-08-23 by Tom Whitfield.

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5 ball four tier shower
1Dave Leahy144c 2017-04-151
18 rounds
2Albrecht Brunner24c 2014-04-141
Very nice trick though it`s quite fast. The reentry to the normal shower pattern is something I still have to work on.
=2Ravi Fernando24c 2019-01-262-0
3yameo16c 2021-10-112-0
4Fletcher S10c 2021-04-091-0
5edvardnaarstad8c 2021-04-231-0
6midnightsolemnlydance5c 2014-10-221-0
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