Ameron Rosvall vs. jigjug

Ameron Rosvall has logged records in 26 patterns and jigjug has logged records in 194 patterns.

They are competing for 10 records, and of these Ameron Rosvall ranks better in 10 and jigjug ranks better in 0.

PatternAmeron Rosvalljigjug
3 ball box ss:(4,2x)*31m3m 40s (660c)
3 club cascade in flats ss:334m (6000c)34c
3 club cascade ss:33h 2m 35s5m
3 club mills mess in singles ss:315m 10s39c
3 ring cascade ss:31h 1m (9000c)4m 53s (738c)
3 ring reverse cascade ss:31h 53m 11s1m 10s
4 ball mills mess ss:412m 20s (3000c)6c
4 club async fountain in singles ss:458m 6s (12000c)16c
4 ring async fountain in reverse throws ss:411m 20s36c
4 ring async fountain ss:448m 8s (10000c)160c
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