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3 ball 1 hand async fountain10/47192c2009-05-212
3 ball backcrosses4/432m 8s (256c)2012-04-2812
3 ball cascade blind behind the back 3/264m 2s2011-04-199
3 club backcrosses in doubles8/241m 40s (137c)2007-02-048
3 club backcrosses in singles 2/274m 33s (547c)2011-01-1218
3 club backcrosses in singles with a club balanced on the head4/742c2011-12-155
4 ball 5347/515m 22s (1206c)2010-11-271
4 ball 75319/361m 1s (256c)2011-01-171
4 ball async fountain 3/10237m 52s (8600c)2005-09-251
4 ball mills mess6/453m 49s (828c)2009-05-066
4 ball shower 3/584m 26s (1200c)2007-11-122
4 club 53 half shower 1/82m 51s (690c)2007-11-1811
4 club 5344/241m 52s (411c)2012-05-033
4 club async fountain in doubles12/636m 47s (1164c)2008-11-285
4 club async fountain in flats6/171m 13s (263c)2011-12-1922
4 club async fountain in singles4/4317m 3s (3443c)2007-01-046
4 club async fountain in singles with a club balanced on the head7/2061c2009-09-175
4 ring async fountain in pancakes 3/14230c2009-05-186
5 ball (6x,4)*6/504m 48s (1200c)2009-10-196
5 ball 6459/542m 29s (618c)2009-05-255
5 ball 744 3/614m 23s (1056c)2011-07-198
5 ball 75310/30126c2009-11-261
5 ball 771 3/251m 5s (273c)2012-10-301
5 ball 9753116/51135c2011-12-082
5 ball cascade14/15222m 18s (5580c)2008-02-0756
5 ball cascade in overheads6/2492c2013-09-094
5 ball high low shower5/24168c2012-01-263
5 ball mills mess8/33222c2013-09-3010
5 ball shower 1/561m 36s (480c)2010-05-039
5 club (6x,4)* 2/19124c2012-03-159
5 club 7445/2066c2011-11-201
5 club backcrosses in triples8/1323c2013-07-101
5 club cascade in doubles8/803m 45s (840c)2011-12-1922
5 club cascade in singles7/30182c2012-01-1220
5 club cascade in triples 2/221m 10s (257c)2012-03-3010
5 ring cascade10/603m 38s (870c)2009-05-2511
5 ring cascade in pancakes 3/1138c2012-01-232
6 ball 75 half shower4/411m 37s (404c)2009-09-044
6 ball 75610/35198c2011-01-067
6 ball 86410/1948c2013-09-161
6 ball async fountain14/1081m 36s (399c)2009-06-148
6 ball shower 2/34153c2012-03-089
6 club 756/1415c2011-05-144
6 club async fountain in doubles9/179c2007-10-283
6 club async fountain in triples13/3320c2013-06-052
6 club sync fountain in doubles 3/86c2007-10-151
6 ring async fountain8/48189c2011-10-3017
6 ring sync fountain12/2854c2008-01-075
7 ball (8x,6)*15/3754c2011-09-187
7 ball (8x,6x) half shower7/2180c2009-01-093
7 ball cascade28/1261m 3s (297c)2009-03-2719
7 ring cascade13/4046c2011-03-2813
8 ball async fountain26/8526c2013-09-169
8 ball sync fountain12/5214c2009-11-262
8 ring async fountain15/278c2009-02-231
8 ring sync fountain8/188c2007-06-061
Leeroy49's Recent Records
5 ball mills mess222c2013-09-302013-10-06-
8 ball async fountain26c2013-09-162013-09-16-
6 ball 86448c2013-09-162013-09-16
to collect
5 ball cascade in overheads92c2013-09-092013-09-10
clean finish
8 ball async fountain24c2013-08-042013-09-10
date not exact
5 club backcrosses in triples23c2013-07-102013-09-16
not sure about exact date
6 club async fountain in triples20c2013-06-052013-09-16
not sure about the exact date
5 ball mills mess204c2013-04-122013-07-23-
5 ball 7711m 5s (273c)2012-10-302013-09-10
Laer Con 2012, first real try
4 club 5341m 52s (411c)2012-05-032012-05-04-
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