Ameron Rosvall vs. vanjonsson

Ameron Rosvall has logged records in 51 patterns and vanjonsson has logged records in 152 patterns.

They are competing for 10 records, and of these Ameron Rosvall ranks better in 10 and vanjonsson ranks better in 0.

PatternAmeron Rosvallvanjonsson
3 ball box ss:(4,2x)*31m7m 34s
3 ball cascade with arms crossed ss:310m 20s3m 18s
3 club cascade in flats ss:334m (6000c)56c
3 club cascade in singles ss:33h 2m 35s7m 41s
4 ball mills mess ss:412m 20s (3000c)3m 58s (976c)
4 ball mills mess variation ss:5343m 30s36c
4 ball siteswap ss:5349m 58s4m 48s
4 ball siteswap ss:6332m 50s138c
4 ball sprung cascade ss:(6x,2x)*1m98c
4 ring async fountain ss:448m 8s (10000c)36c
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