Ameron Rosvall vs. lutkus

Ameron Rosvall has logged records in 26 patterns and lutkus has logged records in 28 patterns.

They are competing for 8 records, and of these Ameron Rosvall ranks better in 8 and lutkus ranks better in 0.

PatternAmeron Rosvalllutkus
3 club alberts ss:3499c8c
3 club cascade ss:33h 2m 35s31m 45s
3 club cascade with a club balance ss:311m 10s (2072c)56c
3 club reverse backcrosses ss:3600c34c
3 club treblas in singles ss:34m 33s (700c)4c
3 ring cascade ss:31h 1m (9000c)3m
4 club async fountain in singles ss:458m 6s (12000c)100c
4 ring async fountain ss:448m 8s (10000c)3m
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