Maximilian Kuschmierz's Progress for 6 ball 9584736
105c 2020-12-152020-12-15
soo happy about that one!
98c 2020-12-142020-12-14
1 more round!!
70c 2020-12-112020-12-11
Huge step!
56c 2020-12-082020-12-08
its slowly coming together now!
49c 2020-11-282020-11-28
nice and steady!
42c 2020-11-272020-11-27
One step at a time
28c 2020-10-142020-10-14
Every training 1 round more :D
21c 2020-10-122020-10-12
1 round a day hopefully
14c 2020-10-092020-10-09
Maybe in the future
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