Maximilian Kuschmierz's Progress for 3 ring 12345
10m 20s (2000c) 2021-07-202021-07-21
done with this one for now, got my badge
9m 50s (1900c) 2021-07-192021-07-19
one more then i´m likely done
9m 35s (1850c) 2021-07-182021-07-18
2 more
9m 20s (1800c) 2021-07-162021-07-16
i wonder if someone will ever log a record other than me for that one
9m (1735c) 2021-07-152021-07-15-
8m 50s (1700c) 2021-07-122021-07-13-
8m 34s (1650c) 2021-07-112021-07-11
time estimated. this is getting more and more frustrating but i wanna keep going until i hit the badge
8m 5s (1580c) 2021-07-102021-07-10-
7m 57s (1550c) 2021-07-092021-07-09
i wonder if anyone will ever run this other than me
7m 51s (1500c) 2021-07-082021-07-08-
7m 35s (1450c) 2021-07-072021-07-07
part 15 of how long can i stay motivated for this bs xD
7m 17s (1400c) 2021-07-062021-07-06-
7m 10s (1350c) 2021-07-052021-07-05-
6m 45s (1300c) 2021-07-042021-07-04
i wonder how long until someone else runs it
6m 30s (1250c) 2021-07-032021-07-03
your daily 12345 record :)
6m 15s (1200c) 2021-07-022021-07-02
timed it for today for once :P
1065c 2021-07-012021-07-01
such a juicy pattern, get it :)
1000c 2021-06-302021-06-30
why does no one wants to run it :(
960c 2021-06-292021-06-29
this is such a juicy pattern :)
870c 2021-06-282021-06-28
no other log in site x)
820c 2021-06-272021-06-27
going to improve this record every training until theres another log on this site here xD
750c 2021-06-262021-06-26
stopped at 750. just for fun i´m going to break this every now and then :P
690c 2021-06-232021-06-23
because why not
660c 2021-06-222021-06-22
225 was just not suitable anymore
225c 2020-09-282020-09-28-
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