Christoph Zistler

German juggler who started his new favorite hobby during the pandemic. Juggling has been such a great and fulfilling new part of my life for the past year, I just can't stop grinding for new achievements!

Christoph Zistler has been juggling for 2 years and 2 months.

Combined flashed: 9
Combined qualified: 8

Reputation: 100%
Country: Germany
Joined: 2021-12-29

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Christoph Zistler's Solo Patterns
1 ball 17/950c2021-12-291
2 ball 1 hand async fountain46/871m 11s (163c)2021-12-291
2 ball 1 hand columns18/2095c2021-12-291
3 ball 3 half shower38/96200c2021-12-291
3 ball 42332/651m 23s (232c)2021-12-291
3 ball 53141/5651c2021-12-291
3 ball 5050513/18136c2021-12-291
3 ball 5550019/23122c2021-12-291
3 ball box36/63150c2021-12-291
3 ball cascade77/1426m 37s2021-12-291
3 ball columns16/301m 10s (196c)2021-12-291
3 ball mills mess30/1002m 8s (328c)2021-12-291
3 ball reverse cascade30/992m 31s (453c)2021-12-291
3 ball shower34/1011m 45s (360c)2021-12-291
3 club cascade in singles69/102139c2021-12-291
4 ball 53454/6536c2021-12-291
4 ball 55230/3771c2021-12-291
4 ball 2345611/116c2021-12-291
4 ball async fountain79/1391m 40s (340c)2021-12-291
4 ball sync fountain45/1031m (228c)2021-12-291
4 ball tennis13/1650c2021-12-291
5 ball cascade152/19950c2021-12-291
6 ball async fountain98/1378c2021-12-291
6 ball sync fountain52/778c2021-12-291
Most catches in 10 seconds of 3 ball cascade5/745c2021-12-291
Christoph Zistler's Recent Solo Records
3 club cascade in singles139c2021-12-292021-12-29
Hit myself in the head with that last throw. Could be improved upon, but honestly this seems too boring to keep up for longer
4 ball tennis50c2021-12-292021-12-29
one of my favorite 4 ball patterns so far. Definitely working towards those 100 catches
4 ball 55271c2021-12-292021-12-29
I can smell the 100 catches! Trying to reach them today
4 ball 234566c2021-12-292021-12-29
Just started learning this pattern. Super cool, will put more time into it and hopefully reach the 100 catches some time soon
4 ball 53436c2021-12-292021-12-29
not too happy with that result, I definitely feel that I can get the 100 catches, just not today
6 ball sync fountain8c2021-12-292021-12-29-
6 ball async fountain8c2021-12-292021-12-29
first real attempts
2 ball 1 hand columns95c2021-12-292021-12-29
Will definitely improve upon this one, but my arm is too tired for now
2 ball 1 hand async fountain1m 11s (163c)2021-12-292021-12-29
could be improved upon, but I don\'t really see a reason. Happy for now with the 150 catches mark
3 ball 55500122c2021-12-292021-12-29
can be improved upon, will be coming back later. Took more concentration than expected
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