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You can put your patterns in and compete with other people.

Group admin: Robert LeBoeuf
Number of members: 8
Number of patterns: 20

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Patterns of Juggling - Group Leaderboard
#Juggler1st places2nd places3rd places
1Robert LeBoeuf720
4Jack the Juggler221
6Paco Jover050
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JugglingNerd, Jack the Juggler, Robert LeBoeuf, Paco Jover, gulugulu, AndyAndieFreude, Wikijongleria, EMC

Patterns in Patterns of Juggling
Pattern1st place2nd place3rd placeTotal jugglers
2 ball 1 hand async fountainEMCPaco Jovergulugulu7
2 ball 1 hand async fountain in outside throwsguluguluJugglingNerd-2
2 ball 1 hand async fountain with clawed catchesRobert LeBoeufJack the Jugglergulugulu4
3 ball 423JugglingNerdEMCJack the Juggler5
3 ball 531guluguluPaco JoverEMC7
3 ball 52413gulugulu--1
3 ball 52512guluguluAndyAndieFreude-2
3 ball 531441guluguluRobert LeBoeuf-2
3 ball cascadeJack the JugglerEMCJugglingNerd8
3 ball cascade behind the back looking---0
3 ball cascade blindRobert LeBoeufJack the Jugglergulugulu4
3 ball cascade blind behind the backRobert LeBoeuf--1
3 ball cascade in overheadsRobert LeBoeufPaco JoverEMC4
3 ball reverse cascadeEMCPaco JoverJugglingNerd7
3 ball slamsgulugulu--1
4 ball ([44],2x)(4x,2)([22],4)gulugulu--1
4 ball async fountainJack the JugglerRobert LeBoeufEMC8
4 ball async fountain blindRobert LeBoeufguluguluWikijongleria3
4 ball async fountain in overheadsRobert LeBoeufPaco Jover-2
4 ball sync fountainRobert LeBoeufWikijongleriaEMC8
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