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Maximilian Kuschmierz's Ring Badges

Ring Basics (7/7)
Ring Qualifies (6/10)
3r Qualify
4r Qualify
5r Qualify
6r Qualify
7r Qualify
8r Qualify
9r Qualify
Goal: Qualify 9 rings
Progress: 0 out of 18 catches
10r Qualify
11r Qualify
12r Qualify
Ring Flashes (6/12)
3r Flash
4r Flash
5r Flash
6r Flash
7r Flash
8r Flash
9r Flash
Goal: Flash 9 rings
Progress: 0 out of 9 catches
10r Flash
11r Flash
12r Flash
13r Flash
14r Flash
Ring Endurance (3/7)
3r End.
4r End.
5r End.
6r End.
Goal: Juggle 6 rings for 3 minutes
Progress: 0 out of 180 seconds
7r End.
Goal: Juggle 7 rings for 300 catches
Progress: 126 out of 300 catches
8r End.
Goal: Juggle 8 rings for 100 catches
Progress: 24 out of 100 catches
9r End.
Goal: Juggle 9 rings for 75 catches
Progress: 0 out of 75 catches
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