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Willy Colombaioni
Willy Colombaioni is a current world record holder of seven records and a former world record holder of four records from Italy.
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Willy Colombaioni currently holds the following world records:
6m 16s of 3 rings in one hand set in 2016
Willy Colombaioni formerly held the following world records:
20 catches of 4 clubs in one hand set in 2017
Current record: 22 catches by
Enzo Nicolás Agüero
6m 16s of 6 ring async fountain set in 2016
Current record: 6m 55s by
Eivind Dragsjo
15 catches of 11 ring cascade set in 2016
Current record: 21 catches by
Daniel Lysenko
9 catches of 9 club cascade set in 2015
Current record: 11 catches by
Eivind Dragsjo
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