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Alex Barron
Alex Barron is a current world record holder of six records and a former world record holder of four records from United Kingdom.
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Alex Barron currently holds the following world records:
20 catches of 12 ball wimpy set in 2017
30 catches of 10 ball wimpy set in 2013
15 catches of 13 ball cascade set in 2013
Alex Barron formerly held the following world records:
33 catches of 11 ball cascade set in 2017
Current record: 34 catches by
Tom Whitfield
33 catches of 10 ball async fountain set in 2017
Current record: 40 catches by
Tom Whitfield
17 catches of 12 ball async fountain set in 2016
Current record: 19 catches by
Tom Whitfield
7 catches of 7 balls in one hand set in 2012
Current record: 10 catches by
Dylan Tweed
Tom Whitfield
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