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5 club backcrosses in triples135c2014-11-232014-11-23
been walking around way too much
6 club async in triples231c2014-10-122014-10-12-
8 ring async30c2014-10-112014-10-11-
6 ball b97531144c2014-10-112014-10-11-
7 ball cascade5m 5s2014-10-112014-10-11-
7 ring cascade200c2014-10-112014-10-11
actually it was a little more than 200 and i ended with a pulldown
7 club cascade in triples100c2014-10-052014-10-05-
6 ball async5m 50s2014-09-132014-09-13-
9 ring cascade15c2014-09-102014-09-10
clean finish
7 club cascade in triples79c2014-09-092014-09-09-
5 club backcrosses in triples125c2014-08-312014-08-31-
8 ring async27c2014-08-312014-08-31-
6 club async in triples188c2014-08-312014-08-31-
6 ring async530c2014-08-312014-08-31-
7 ring cascade162c2014-08-312014-08-31
old record, have not really tried it since then :)
5 ball cascade56m2014-08-302014-08-30-
7 ball cascade4m 29s (1344c)2014-08-302014-08-30-
7 club cascade in triples69c2014-08-302014-08-30-
8 ball async57c2014-08-302014-08-30-
6 ball 7569m 14s2014-08-302014-08-30
no idea how many catches this is ;)

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