Ben Mellinger's Progress for 5 ball cascade
247c 2021-04-252021-04-25-
233c 2021-04-042021-04-05
getting much more consistent and making lots of prgress
220c 2021-04-012021-04-01
I\'m getting a lot better and I\'m able to get 50-100 catches pretty consistantly
145c 2021-03-182021-03-18
my record yesterday was 65, and I destroyed by so much! oh my goodness!
65c 2021-03-172021-03-17
I\'m getting a lot better, throws are a lot more consistent
58c 2021-03-162021-03-17
more improvment, slow but steady
55c 2021-03-072021-03-07-
47c 2021-03-062021-03-06-
45c 2021-03-042021-03-04-
34c 2021-03-022021-03-03
34 catches! Pog in the chat
30c 2021-02-262021-02-27
30 catches! Yes!
27c 2021-02-242021-02-25
I wasn\'t counting exactly so this may be 1 or 2 catches off in either direction
23c 2021-02-232021-02-24-
22c 2021-02-222021-02-23-
20c 2021-02-162021-02-10-
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