gantenbein's Progress for 5 ball cascade
5m 20s2010-03-232010-03-24
Red Dragons (cricket balls men); collect after collision
5m 3s (1356c)2008-10-172008-10-17
cricket balls; clean finish; number of catches estimated based on previous runs
5m 1s (1347c)2008-09-232008-09-23
cricket balls (Red Dragons); clean finish; catches estimated
3m 50s (1029c)2007-12-102007-12-10
3m 45s (1003c)2007-10-282007-10-28
regular baseballs; time not 100% accurate (walking away from the timer, stopping it after collecting the balls etc.)
3m 38s (995c)2007-08-122007-08-12
with baseballs; ended with a drop :-(
3m 18s (921c)2007-03-262007-03-26
two very minor collisions, but clean finish
2m 22s (645c)2006-05-292006-10-15-
2m 15s (603c)2006-05-012006-10-15-
1m 50s (505c)2006-01-042006-10-15-
1m 37s (449c)2005-12-222006-10-15-
1m 32s (415c)2005-12-202006-10-15-
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