Xavier Bernier

Hey ! I am a Canadian juggler born in 2006. I am into 3 balls tech patterns (High-low tricks, lots of 2x, etc.) Juggling content on my Instagram ! (Xavjuggles) I also post some videos on Youtube ! (Xavjuggles) Enjoy juggling !

Xavier Bernier has been juggling for 2 years and 9 months.

Combined flashed: 7
Combined qualified: 5

Reputation: 98%
Country: Canada
Joined: 2021-03-18

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Xavier Bernier's Solo Patterns
3 ball (4x,2x) shower 1/77m 38s2022-07-231
3 ball (4x,2x) with the 2xs inverted slammed 1/3243c2022-08-141
3 ball (6x,2x)(2x,2x) slams 1/4456c2022-08-141
3 ball 3 half shower61/96100c2021-03-181
3 ball 3 in outside throws with clawed catches 2/4124c2022-08-141
3 ball 423 with arms crossed 3/52m 51s (425c)2021-05-061
3 ball 44121/76634c2021-03-262
3 ball 50505 blind 1/25c2022-08-141
3 ball cascade64/1429m 56s2021-03-181
3 ball reverse cascade22/993m 49s (328c)2021-03-261
3 ball reverse cascade with arms crossed 3/155m 37s2021-03-261
3 ball shower69/101100c2021-03-181
3 ball shower inverted 1/4527c2022-08-141
4 ball (4,2)(2x,[4x4])* 1/43m 2s2022-08-141
4 ball (6x,2x) slams inverted 1/26c2022-08-141
4 ball async fountain with arms crossed 2/10124c2021-12-232
5 ball cascade with penguin catches 2/1021c2022-08-171
6 ball async fountain with penguin catches 1/39c2022-08-171
7 ball cascade blind 1/48c2022-08-171
7 ball cascade with penguin catches 1/28c2022-08-171
Shortest time to achieve 10 catches of 1 ball 1 1/41s2022-08-141
Xavier Bernier's Recent Solo Records
7 ball cascade blind8c2022-08-172022-08-18-
6 ball async fountain with penguin catches9c2022-08-172022-08-18-
5 ball cascade with penguin catches21c2022-08-172022-08-18-
7 ball cascade with penguin catches8c2022-08-172022-08-18-
Shortest time to achieve 10 catches of 1 ball 11s2022-08-142022-08-14-
3 ball 50505 blind5c2022-08-142022-08-14-
4 ball (6x,2x) slams inverted6c2022-08-142022-08-14-
3 ball 3 in outside throws with clawed catches124c2022-08-142022-08-14-
4 ball (4,2)(2x,[4x4])*3m 2s2022-08-142022-08-14-
3 ball shower inverted527c2022-08-142022-08-14-
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