All Felix Juggler's Records
6 club async in triples160c2018-08-182018-08-18-
7 club cascade in triples25c2018-08-182018-08-18-
4 club async slapbacks40c2018-08-182018-08-18-
7 ball db9753121c2018-08-182018-08-18-
5 ball backcrosses75c2018-08-182018-08-18-
6 ball b97531102c2018-08-182018-08-18-
6 ball cascade with a club balance30c2018-08-182018-08-18-
6 ball 94590c2018-08-182018-08-18-
5 club backcrosses in doubles10c2018-06-192018-06-19-
5 club cascade with a club balance58c2018-06-192018-06-19-
6 club async in triples110c2018-06-192018-08-18-
7 club cascade in triples21c2018-06-192018-08-18-
3 ball shoulder throws257c2018-06-192018-06-19-
5 ball cascade with a club balance143c2018-05-022018-05-02-
4 club async in singles with a club balance532c2018-05-022018-05-02-
9 ball cascade with a club balance9c2018-04-302018-04-30-
4 club async in singles with a club balance318c2018-04-302018-05-02
5 ball cascade with a club balance103c2018-04-302018-05-02-
7 ball cascade with a club balance16c2018-04-302018-04-30-
6 club 75 half shower50c2018-04-302018-04-30-
5 club 9637416c2018-04-302018-04-30-
8 ball cascade with a club balance11c2018-04-302018-04-30
6 ball cascade with a club balance22c2018-04-302018-08-18-
5 ball backcrosses50c2018-04-252018-08-18-
3 club backcrosses with a club balance50c2018-04-252018-04-25-
5 club cascade with a club balance31c2018-04-252018-06-19-
8 ball async40c2018-04-252018-04-25-
7 club cascade in triples17c2018-04-252018-06-19-
6 club async in triples102c2018-04-252018-06-19-
5 club backcrosses40c2018-04-252018-04-25-
5 club 645150c2018-02-132018-02-13-
5 club backcrosses in triples33c2018-02-122018-02-13-
3 club backcrosses in singles300c2018-02-122018-02-13-
6 club async in triples102c2018-01-082018-02-13-
4 club async in singles with a club balance144c2017-12-032018-02-13-
4 club async slapbacks in singles8c2017-11-282017-11-28-
4 club async slapbacks16c2017-11-282018-08-18-
5 ball (8,4)(4,8)(2x,4)*120c2017-11-282017-11-28
To and from a qualify of (6x,4)*- clean finish
5 ball (ax,4)(4,6x)(2x,4)*12c2017-11-282017-11-28
To and from a qualify of (6x,4)*- clean finish
7 ball (8x,6)*60c2017-11-282017-11-28
To collect, cold start
9 ball (ax,8)*10c2017-11-282017-11-28
To collect
3 club backcrosses100c2017-11-282017-11-28-
3 club backcrosses with a club balance6c2017-11-282018-04-25-
5 club cascade on a unicycle11c2017-11-282017-11-28-
4 club 1 hand async4c2017-11-282017-11-28-
4 club 1 hand async in triples4c2017-11-282017-11-28-
4 club sync in flats30c2017-11-282017-11-28-
10 ball sync10c2017-11-272017-11-27-
8 ball sync18c2017-11-272017-11-27-
9 ball (ax,8x) half shower13c2017-11-272017-11-27-
10 ball b9 half shower10c2017-11-272017-11-27-
3 club backcrosses in doubles100c2017-11-272017-11-27-
3 club backcrosses in triples100c2017-11-272017-11-27-
3 club backcrosses in quads50c2017-11-272017-11-27-
5 club backcrosses in doubles5c2017-11-272018-06-19-
5 club backcrosses in quads5c2017-11-272017-11-27-
5 club 9753115c2017-11-272017-11-27
To Collect
5 club 8844110c2017-11-272017-11-27-
8 ball 97 half shower16c2017-11-272018-02-13-
6 club sync12c2017-11-272018-07-30-
5 ball 8844150c2017-11-272017-11-27-
5 ball 8448641140c2017-11-272017-11-27-
5 ball 744300c2017-11-272017-11-27-
5 ball 645300c2017-11-272017-11-27-
5 ball 645450c2017-11-272017-11-27-
6 club 75 half shower20c2017-11-272018-04-30-
6 club 7566c2017-11-272017-11-27
To Collect
5 ball backcrosses25c2017-11-262018-04-25-
5 club cascade in quads30c2017-11-262017-11-26-
6 club async in quads6c2017-11-262017-11-26-
5 club backcrosses21c2017-11-262018-04-25-
4 club backcrosses16c2017-11-262017-11-26-
3 club backcrosses100c2017-11-262017-11-26
Couldn't be bothered to go on for longer :p
6 ring b975316c2017-11-262017-11-26
From flash, to collect
6 club b975316c2017-11-262017-11-26
To collect, from flash
8 ring async10c2017-11-262017-11-26-
6 ball b9753136c2017-11-262018-02-13
Qualified before and after
5 club 6666150c2017-11-262017-11-26
5 club 74460c2017-11-262017-11-26
5 club 64560c2017-11-262018-02-13
5 club b7531447c2017-11-262017-11-26
4 club async in singles4100c2017-11-262017-11-26
(20 Mins, 16 Seconds, Over 200 catches a minute)

4 club async in triples600c2017-11-262017-11-26-
5 club cascade in triples250c2017-11-262017-11-26-
8 ball fdb975318c2017-11-262017-11-26
From flash of 8b async, to collect
5 ring cascade500c2017-11-262017-11-26-
6 ring async50c2017-11-262017-11-26-
7 club cascade in triples15c2017-11-262018-04-25-
6 club async in triples87c2017-11-262018-04-25-
5 club cascade in doubles2000c2017-11-262017-11-26
(Over 10 Mins, Roughly 200 Catches a Minute)
4 club async in doubles5750c2017-11-262017-11-26-
5 club cascade in singles325c2017-11-262017-11-26-
4 club async in flats120c2017-11-262017-11-26-
6 ball async1000c2017-11-262017-11-26
Probably more, didn't bother to keep count afterwards
7 ball cascade350c2017-11-262017-11-26-
8 ball async24c2017-11-262018-04-25-
10 ball async12c2017-11-262017-11-26-
11 ball cascade11c2017-11-262017-11-26-
6 club async in singles6c2017-11-262017-11-26-
7 ring cascade30c2017-11-262017-11-26-
6 club async in doubles22c2017-11-262017-11-26-
5 club cascade in flats15c2017-11-262017-11-26-
8 ball cascade with a club balance8c2017-11-262018-04-30-
3 club cascade with a club balance150c2017-11-262017-11-26-
4 club async in singles with a club balance60c2017-11-262018-04-26-
5 club cascade with a club balance11c2017-11-262018-04-26-
5 club cascade in singles with a club balance5c2017-11-262018-04-26-
7 ball db975317c2017-11-262017-11-26
7 ball db9753114c2017-11-262018-08-18
To Collect
6 ball cascade with a club balance14c2017-11-262018-04-30-
3 ball cascade with a club balance100c2017-11-262017-11-26-
7 ball cascade with a club balance12c2017-11-262018-04-30-
5 ball cascade with a club balance53c2017-11-262018-04-30-
4 ball cascade with a club balance100c2017-11-262017-11-26-
7 club cascade in triples15c2017-07-122018-02-13-
7 ball cascade with a club balance7c2017-02-072017-11-26-
7 ball cascade150c2017-02-072017-11-26-
8 ball async19c2017-02-072017-11-26-
9 ball cascade19c2017-02-072017-02-07-
10 ball async10c2017-02-072017-11-26-
7 ball cascade121c2017-01-212018-02-13-
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