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3 club cascade blind30c2017-06-182017-06-18-
4 club async blind8c2017-06-162017-06-18-
5 club cascade in singles100c2017-04-042017-04-05-
4 club shoulder throws in singles14c2017-04-042017-04-05-
4 club async in singles with a club balance200c2016-05-132016-05-14-
4 club async in singles500c2016-05-132016-05-14-
4 club async in overheads in singles8c2016-05-132016-05-14-
4 ball async with a head bounce28c2016-05-132016-05-14-
4 club async in doubles with a club balance100c2016-05-132016-05-14-
4 club sync in singles500c2016-05-132016-05-14-
4 club sync in triples100c2016-05-132016-05-14-
5 club cascade in triples150c2016-05-132016-05-14-
5 club cascade in doubles300c2016-05-132016-05-14-
3 club backcrosses in doubles200c2016-05-132016-05-14-
3 club backcrosses in triples200c2016-05-132016-05-14-
3 club backcrosses in singles with a club balance6c2016-05-132016-05-14-
3 club backcrosses in penguin catches in singles6c2016-05-132016-05-14-
4 club async in singles with a club balance80c2015-12-202015-12-20-
4 club async in doubles with a club balance60c2015-12-202015-12-20-
3 ball cascade with a head bounce50c2015-12-202015-12-20-
4 ball async with a head bounce10c2015-12-202015-12-20-
3 club reverse backcrosses180c2015-12-202015-12-20-
3 club treblas in singles20c2015-09-142015-09-14-
4 club async in triples500c2015-07-242015-07-24-
4 club async in doubles with a club balance40c2015-07-242015-07-24-
4 club async in doubles500c2015-07-242015-07-24-
4 club async in singles with a club balance60c2015-07-242015-07-24-
4 club reverse shoulder throws40c2015-07-242015-07-24-
3 ball cascade with a head bounce6c2015-07-042015-07-05-
3 club treblas in singles12c2015-07-042015-07-05-
4 club shoulder throws in singles8c2015-03-122015-03-12-
3 club alberts84c2015-03-122015-03-12-
4 club async in singles with a club balance40c2015-03-122015-03-12-
4 club reverse shoulder throws20c2015-03-122015-03-12-
4 club shower in triples50c2010-06-112010-06-11-
3 club backcrosses in singles200c2010-06-112010-06-11-
5 club cascade in doubles200c2010-06-112010-06-11-
3 club treblas in singles7c2010-05-122010-05-12-
3 club alberts53c2010-04-092010-04-09-
3 ball cascade blind behind the back20c2010-04-092010-04-09-
4 club async in doubles with a club balance30c2010-04-072010-04-07-
7 ball cascade50c2010-03-122010-03-12-
5 club cascade in triples75c2010-03-122010-03-12-
5 club cascade in doubles150c2010-03-122010-03-12-
3 ball cascade blind103c2010-03-022010-03-02-
3 club cascade with a club balance300c2010-03-022010-03-02-
4 club shower in triples20c2010-03-022010-03-02-
3 club cascade with a club balance250c2010-02-022010-02-02-
3 club reverse backcrosses102c2010-02-022010-02-02-
3 club alberts42c2010-01-222010-01-22-
3 club reverse backcrosses84c2010-01-082010-01-08-
3 ball cascade blind50c2010-01-082010-01-08-
6 ball sync75c2010-01-082010-01-08-
6 ball async75c2010-01-082010-01-08-
5 club cascade in triples50c2010-01-082010-01-08-
5 ball shower25c2010-01-082010-01-08-
4 club async in doubles with a club balance20c2010-01-082010-01-08-
3 club cascade with a club balance200c2010-01-082010-01-08-
3 ball cascade blind behind the back12c2010-01-082010-01-08-
7 ball cascade40c2009-10-222009-10-22-
6 ball async50c2009-10-222009-10-22-
6 ball sync50c2009-10-222009-10-22-
3 club treblas in singles6c2009-10-222009-10-22
Wow, this took somewhere around 1.5 years to qualify. I practiced it about 30 minutes almost everyday too.
5 club cascade in triples50c2009-08-122009-08-12-
5 club cascade in doubles100c2009-08-122009-08-12-
5 club cascade in triples30c2009-07-292009-07-29-
4 club async in doubles with a club balance12c2009-07-142009-07-14-
3 club alberts34c2009-07-042009-07-04-
3 club reverse backcrosses78c2009-07-042009-07-04-
5 club cascade in triples25c2009-06-302009-06-30-
3 club reverse backcrosses76c2009-06-272009-06-27-
3 club alberts32c2009-06-272009-06-27
I do this without lifting my feet off the floor.
3 club cascade1000c2009-06-252009-06-25-
3 club reverse cascade in singles697c2009-06-242009-06-24-
3 club cascade in overheads130c2009-06-242009-06-24-
4 club async in doubles292c2009-06-242009-06-24-
3 club backcrosses in singles124c2009-06-232009-06-23-
5 club cascade in triples22c2009-06-232009-06-23-
7 ball cascade30c2009-06-162009-06-16-
3 club backcrosses in singles105c2009-05-122009-05-12-
3 ball cascade blind35c2009-05-122009-05-12-
6 ball sync46c2009-05-052009-05-05-
3 club cascade with a club balance120c2009-05-022009-05-02-
3 club reverse backcrosses64c2009-05-022009-05-02-
6 ball sync40c2009-05-022009-05-02-
3 club alberts30c2009-04-282009-04-28
I do this without lifting my feet off the floor.
5 ball reverse cascade50c2009-04-232009-04-23-
3 club backcrosses in singles87c2009-04-232009-04-23-
4 club async in triples60c2009-04-232009-04-23-
3 club cascade with a club balance60c2009-04-232009-04-23-
4 club async in triples52c2009-04-202009-04-20-
5 club cascade in triples16c2009-04-122009-04-12-
4 club async in triples40c2009-04-122009-04-12-
5 ball cascade300c2009-04-062009-04-06-
4 club shower in triples8c2009-04-062009-04-06-
5 club cascade in triples12c2009-04-062009-04-06-
4 club async in triples37c2009-04-062009-04-06-
3 club treblas in singles5c2009-04-052009-04-05-
4 club async in triples30c2009-04-052009-04-05-
3 club reverse cascade in singles100c2009-04-052009-04-05-
3 club mills mess in singles100c2009-04-052009-04-05-
3 club cascade with a club balance50c2009-04-052009-04-05-
3 club alberts27c2009-03-212009-03-21
I do this without my heels leaving the floor.
6 ball async36c2009-03-212009-03-21-
5 ball reverse cascade30c2009-03-212009-03-21-
5 ball shower10c2009-03-212009-03-21-
3 club reverse backcrosses56c2009-03-062009-03-06-
7 ball cascade25c2009-03-062009-03-06-
7 ball cascade23c2009-02-242009-02-24-
3 club alberts20c2009-02-242009-02-24
I do this without lifting my feet off the ground.
3 club alberts19c2009-02-162009-02-16-
5 club cascade in doubles80c2009-02-162009-02-16-
3 club backcrosses in singles50c2009-01-282009-01-28-
3 club treblas in singles4c2009-01-282009-01-28-
3 club alberts14c2009-01-282009-01-28-
7 ball cascade20c2009-01-282009-01-28-
6 ball sync36c2009-01-282009-01-28-
6 ball async32c2009-01-282009-01-28-
5 ball cascade200c2009-01-282009-01-28-
5 ring cascade50c2009-01-282009-01-28-
5 club cascade in doubles70c2009-01-282009-01-28-
5 club cascade in triples5c2009-01-282009-01-28-
4 club shower in triples4c2009-01-282009-01-28-
4 club async in doubles200c2009-01-282009-01-28-
4 club async in triples20c2009-01-282009-01-28-
4 club sync in doubles200c2009-01-282009-01-28-
3 club mills mess in singles100c2009-01-282009-01-28-
3 club reverse backcrosses50c2009-01-282009-01-28-
3 club cascade in overheads100c2009-01-282009-01-28-
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