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5 club backcrosses in doubles17c2013-08-292013-08-30-
6 ball async with a club balance21c2013-08-282013-08-30
clean finish
5 ball d4444444418c2013-08-282013-08-30
Back into cascade after
5 ball b44444435c2013-08-282013-08-30
Back into cascade after
5 ball 773364c2013-08-282013-08-30-
5 ball (6x,4)(6x,4x)*296c2013-08-262013-08-30-
5 club backcrosses in doubles15c2013-08-022013-08-13
At Brighton and Hove juggling club
5 club backcrosses in doubles14c2012-11-232012-11-27
16 throws
3 club treblas in singles12c2012-11-022012-11-03-
3 club treblas in singles11c2012-10-312012-11-01
With tips from Ben Jennings
5 club backcrosses in doubles13c2012-10-242012-10-25
caught clean
5 club backcrosses in doubles12c2012-10-172012-10-18
clean. Not back into cascade
5 club backcrosses in doubles11c2012-10-142012-10-15
Clean but not back into cascade
3 club treblas in singles10c2012-10-122012-10-15-
11 ball cascade20c2011-08-312012-08-21
22 throws. Dropped the only the second to last catch.
11 ball cascade19c2010-08-282010-08-29
11 ball cascade18c2010-08-192010-08-19
6 club async in triples35c2009-01-142009-01-18
5 club 645156c2007-11-072007-11-08
7 ball (8x,6)*90c2007-11-032007-11-04
100g Barnsey Bags
5 ball box18c2007-10-272007-11-27
100g Barnsey bags
5 ball cascade59m 3s2007-08-182012-08-21-
4 club mills mess in singles140c2007-06-242007-06-24
4 club mills mess in singles138c2007-06-142007-06-14
4 club mills mess in singles80c2007-06-052007-06-05
Watch out Phil
5 club cascade in doubles5m 35s2007-05-302007-05-31
4 club mills mess in singles74c2007-05-272007-05-27
with the flu
4 club mills mess in singles43c2007-05-212007-05-21
4 club mills mess in singles41c2007-05-202007-05-21
4 club mills mess in singles40c2007-05-192007-05-19
4 club mills mess in singles32c2007-05-182007-05-19
4 club mills mess in singles28c2007-05-172007-05-17
4 club mills mess in singles25c2007-05-162007-05-16
4 club mills mess in singles24c2007-05-132007-05-15
4 club mills mess in singles14c2007-05-122007-05-15
4 club mills mess in singles4c2007-05-112007-05-16
5 club (6x,4)*92c2007-01-152012-08-21-
5 ball cascade with a club balance260c2007-01-142007-01-14
club balance on nose
5 club shower28c2006-12-182006-12-19
5 club (6x,4)*90c2006-12-112006-12-20
7 club cascade in triples32c2006-11-302006-12-01
34 throws. Delphins
7 ball (8x,6)*86c2006-09-252006-09-26
caught clean
3 club cascade in reverse singles14c2006-09-252006-09-26-
6 ball 774114c2006-09-162006-09-17-
6 ball 77484c2006-09-142006-09-17-
4 club 61548c2006-09-022006-09-14
double single
5 club cascade in singles208c2006-08-282006-08-28-
5 club cascade in flats42c2006-08-262006-08-26-
6 ball b9753118c2006-08-212006-08-26-
5 ball 93330c2006-08-162006-09-14-
6 ball 756186c2006-08-162006-08-21-
7 ball 86736c2006-08-142006-09-14-
6 ball 96324c2006-08-142006-09-14-
5 club shower18c2006-07-272006-09-27
5 club 645135c2006-07-142006-09-14
triple single double
5 ball cascade with a head bounce20c2006-06-272006-09-27-
5 club cascade in flats40c2006-06-232006-08-21-
4 club async in singles7m 11s2006-06-202006-08-21-
3 club backcrosses in singles3m 11s2006-06-162006-08-21-
5 club cascade in singles130c2006-06-162006-08-21-
4 club async in singles7m 11s (1200c)2006-06-162006-08-21-
5 club (6x,4)*68c2006-06-142006-09-14
double singles
4 club 753180c2006-06-142006-09-14
quad double single
7 ball (8x,6)*66c2006-05-162006-08-21-
7 ball reverse cascade30c2006-05-132006-09-13-
9 ball cascade56c2006-05-122012-08-21-
6 ball 864102c2006-04-142006-09-14-
5 ball 753700c2006-03-232006-08-23-
7 ball (6x,8x) half shower180c2006-03-172006-08-23-
5 ball cascade with a club balance200c2006-02-272006-09-27
club balance
7 ball 9759c2006-02-142006-09-14-
6 ball (8x,4x)*30c2006-02-142006-09-14-
5 club 75336c2006-02-142006-09-14
quad double single
4 club async in flats6m 15s (1076c)2006-02-122006-08-21-
2 ball head bounce columns13c2006-01-272007-05-27
14cm gym balls
7 club cascade in triples28c2006-01-162006-08-21-
13 ball cascade13c2005-11-152012-08-21-
4 club 7333280c2005-09-192006-09-19-
12 ball async13c2005-09-162006-08-21-
4 club shower in triples100c2005-09-132006-09-13-
5 ball 744600c2005-08-232006-08-23-
5 ball 97531205c2005-08-182006-08-21-
3 club cascade in flats32m2005-08-162012-08-21-
5 ball 94444275c2005-07-192006-08-23-
5 ball 6456m2005-03-102006-08-23-
6 ball shower140c2005-01-032006-09-14
5 ball 6452m 48s (840c)2004-10-252006-08-21-
5 ball 9444495c2004-10-252006-08-21-
4 club async in singles2m 15s (332c)2004-10-252006-08-21-
5 ball 753363c2004-10-252006-08-21-
5 ball 744400c2004-10-252006-08-21-
5 ball mills mess1m 7s (270c)2004-10-252006-08-21-
5 ball 97531115c2004-10-252006-08-21-
5 ball cascade34m 45s2004-10-252006-08-21-
5 ball 1 hand async25c2004-10-252006-08-21-
4 club async in flats40c2004-10-252006-08-21-
4 ball high middle low shower258c2004-10-252006-08-21-
4 ball mills mess 345 variation3m 27s2004-10-252006-08-21-
4 ball 53418m 10s2004-10-252006-08-21-
3 club mills mess 414 variation in flats24c2004-10-252006-08-21-
7 ball cascade576c2004-10-252012-08-21-
3 club cascade in flats25m 18s2004-10-252006-08-21-
5 ball shower370c2004-10-252006-08-21-
5 ball (6,4x)*224c2004-10-252006-08-21-
5 ball (6x,4)*6m 30s2004-10-252006-08-21-
11 ball cascade18c2004-10-252006-08-21-
9 ball cascade46c2004-10-252006-08-21-
8 ball async40c2004-10-252006-08-21-
7 club cascade in triples12c2004-10-252006-08-21-
7 ball (8x,6)*52c2004-10-252006-08-21-
7 ball (6x,8x) half shower106c2004-10-252006-08-21-
6 ball shower102c2004-10-252006-08-21-
6 ball mills mess18c2004-10-252006-08-21-
6 ball 77451c2004-10-252006-08-21-
5 club backcrosses in doubles10c2004-10-252006-08-21-
5 club cascade in singles40c2004-10-252006-08-21-
5 club cascade in triples356c2004-10-252006-08-21-
6 ball 1 hand async9c2004-10-252006-08-21-
6 ball 756168c2004-10-252006-08-21-
5 ball 771240c2004-10-132006-09-13-
3 ball cascade in overheads9m 11s2004-09-192006-09-19-
4 ball async in overheads120c2004-09-132006-09-13-
4 ball mills mess 534 variation3m2003-09-132006-09-13-
4 club 5348m2003-07-172006-09-13-
5 ball cascade with 1 kg wrist weights7m 30s (1800c)2001-01-012012-09-24
with 130g beanbags
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