All Ameron Rosvall's Records
4 ball async blind behind the back100c2018-09-082018-09-08
Big Norwiks
3 ring reverse cascade1h 53m 11s2018-01-282018-09-08
40cm Babache

3 club treblas in singles4m 33s (700c)2013-02-222013-02-22
Catches estimated

3 club alberts499c2012-09-042012-09-22
3 club reverse backcrosses600c2012-08-062012-09-22-
4 club mills mess in singles505c2012-03-282012-08-21-
3 club treblas in singles3m 40s (575c)2012-02-272012-02-27-
3 club treblas in singles3m (470c)2012-02-192012-02-19-
3 club treblas in singles2m 6s (351c)2011-12-112011-12-11-
3 club treblas in singles322c2011-08-232011-12-05
3 club alberts302c2011-08-152011-12-05
3 club reverse backcrosses514c2011-08-152011-12-05
3 club backcrosses in singles15m 25s2011-01-302012-08-21-
3 ball eric's extension37m2009-06-222013-04-27-
3 club cascade slapbacks10m2008-12-112013-04-27-
3 club cascade in flats34m (6000c)2008-09-152012-08-21
Catches estimated
4 ring async in reverse throws11m 20s2008-09-132013-04-27-
3 ring reverse cascade1h 7m (10000c)2008-03-022012-08-21-
3 ball mills mess 12345 variation7m2008-02-252013-04-27-
4 ring async48m 8s (10000c)2008-01-092012-08-21
Epic pulldown finish!!!
4 ball mills mess12m 20s (3000c)2007-12-112012-08-21
Catches estimated
3 ball box31m2007-10-062013-04-27-
3 ring cascade1h 1m (9000c)2007-09-092013-04-27
Looking through my old notes.
3 club mills mess in singles15m 10s2007-07-092013-04-27-
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