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2023 Numbers League:
Maximilian Kuschmierz

Maximilian Kuschmierz's stats and records for the 2023 Numbers Juggling League.

Disciplines entered: combined + balls + rings
Number of categories entered: 3
Number of records submitted: 3

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Maximilian Kuschmierz's 2023 Numbers League Standings
Combined 25th6.4
Balls 21th4.7
Clubs N/AN/A
Rings 10th1.6
Maximilian Kuschmierz's Current Season's Bests
8 balls4th Feb100c PB in 97 half shower2.1
9 balls6th Feb39c in cascade2.6
8 rings21st Mar20c in sync fountain1.6
Maximilian Kuschmierz's Numbers League Records
8 rings21st Mar20c in sync fountain
9 balls6th Feb39c in cascade
8 balls4th Feb100c PB in 97 half shower
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