1. Counting 1s:
1s in siteswaps, or any other pattern that includes them like the shower pattern, are counted as catches. For example 5 cycles of a 5 prop shower pattern (siteswap: 91) would be a qualify or 10 catches as opposed to just 5 catches.

2. Can't find a pattern:
It is possible that the pattern you want is not here. If that is the case you can suggest it at the bottom of the search page.

3. Counting multiplexes:
Multiplexes are counted as individual catches for each of the props involved in the multiplex catch. For example if one were to make 3 successful cycles of the 6 prop stacked multiplex pattern [33] it would be recorded as 6 catches for each individual catch and not just 3 catches for 3 multiplex catches.

4. What is siteswap:
Siteswap is notation used to describe juggling patterns. If you don't already know the basics a useful article to help you understand can be found here.

5. How does reputation work:
Everyone starts with a reputation score of exactly ten. From there every like received increments their reputation by 0.04 and every dislike decrements it by 0.1.

The quicklist

quicklist example
The quicklist is the list you can access by hovering over the list icon in the top right of the website. From there you can quickly jump to different patterns and juggler pages on the site. To add and remove patterns from your list go to the relevant pattern page and to add and remove jugglers go to their pages.

Juggling Lab

This website makes use of Juggling Lab, free software for animating juggling patterns. You can get it and find out more about it here.


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